Five wooden accessories to help save the planet you need to own now

Five wooden accessories to help save the planet you need to own now

The world needs your help and it needs it now. Every passing day is an opportunity to change the way we consume, be more responsible and take better care of our planet. Every decision we make, even if it is really small, has a huge impact on the world around us. Wooden accessories have been making their way into the market replacing plastic and allowing us to be more eco-conscious as consumers.

The world needs a change and that change smells, feels and looks as beautiful wood. Be in touch with nature and change your habits to help the planet we live in. Read on and find out about five accessories you can´t miss to be part of the change and not the problem.

Why choose wood?

Humans and wood have a tradition that goes a long way into the past. We have been building ships, weapons, tools and everything else with this durable, noble material. Time went by and we started to look for other resources to combine it with and that´s how plastic and its derivatives dominated the scene. This brought major consequences in the ecosystems all around the world causing the extinction of species and the pollution of the environment. Going back to wood is a way to live in harmony with the world that surrounds us and make the it a better, safer place to live.

The consequences of plastic

A piece of plastic was found in 90% of the birds in the world. Half of the world sea turtles found contained some in theirs too and it is even pilling up inside the organism of big whales. At the rate that humans are letting plastic go into the ocean, we soon be covered by it. The first consequence of using plastic is the incredible ability it has to clog everything and, when broken in debris, to get into even the smallest places. At the current pace, plastic will be the most common thing in the sea; there will be more plastic than fish or any other animal. This has to be stopped, the time is now

Three reasons to turn to wood

These are three of the reasons to turn to wood

1.      Wood is durable

Accessories made of wood suffer way less the pass of time and are usually not designed to be disposable, but to last for a long time. You could own a wooden watch, comb or toothbrush for years and it will still fulfill its purpose. Wood is a durable, noble material that makes programmed obsolescence a thing from the past.

2.      Wooden accessories are unique

Just like human beings, every tree is unique. The texture, the lines and the grain are particular to it and can´t be repeated by others; it is close to the DNA differences we have among humans. Owning a wooden accessory in times of mass-produced items is being apart from the rest and unique. Don´t miss your chance and stand out with style and consciousness

3.      It just gets better with time

Plastic doesn´t age well, it´s a fact. In change, wooden items do get better with time. The color and the texture of the wood are attractive at the first moment and it only gets better with time. When you´ve had your wooden accessories for some time, they will get this road-worn look that is going to make them even cooler.

Accessories you need to have

These are the complete must have when talking about wooden accessories today.


Replacing plastic with wood in this accessory is utterly important. You are going to probably brush your teeth for the rest of your life and if you do the math, that is a ton of plastic toothbrushes tossed into the ocean after being used. Switch to wood and make the world a favor, there are a million different brands to choose from.

Card holder/wallet

Card holders are the new thing; they are small, portable and comfortable. You can buy them made of metal, plastic or wood. If you choose the last option, you will be helping to reduce mining and pollution and still look cool and be comfortable.


Sunglasses are cool, that is a fact of life. If you buy them made of plastic or metal, you will be having an item that will pollute the planet and also cost you a lot of money. Switch to wooden sunglasses and make the cool factor go up a notch while taking care of the world around you.

Bamboo straw

Plastic straws end up inside the belly of sea turtles way too often. They take 500 years to decompose and will be in your drink for no more than 10 minutes. Buy a bamboo one and reuse it as many times as necessary.

Wooden watches

The most beautiful of all accessories in the list are wooden watches. These wooden marvels are great for the environment and will also style up all your outfits. Wear a wooden watch for every occasion and become an ambassador of change turning friends and relatives to the new wooden culture.

Why Seventh Watches?

Seventh Watches is the best wooden watches brand in the market today. This manufacturer of wooden timepieces creates luxurious watches with precious woods like ebony and sandalwood but also with more common and abundant ones like bamboo and zebra wood. All pieces are handcrafted by skillful artisans and 10% of the money made from sales goes to a good charitable cause helping not only the environment, but those who need it the most. Their extensive catalog has a watch for every occasion and person. There are no doubts that, when going for a wooden watch, they are the brand you should be looking at.


Living life in planet Earth is about caring for others and the environment; be part of the solution and not the problem, turn to wooden accessories and especially wooden watches today.

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