The number SEVEN represents perfection and completion. That’s why we believe no outfit, occasion or event is ever complete without a SEVENTH watch.

Perfection is best represented when we are our authentic selves. This is why every SEVENTH watch represents an intrinsic human value that when worn, should embolden you to live out your purpose.

These values are:

  • Genesis: The freedom to BEGIN new things
  • Parrésia: The BOLDNESS to own your convictions
  • Emeth: The resolve to stand for TRUTH
  • Aléthinos: unveil your AUTHENTIC self
  • Ethos: Let your unwavering BELIEF stand strong
  • etc...

When you think of something being perfect and complete, you imagine something solid or timeless, just like the earth. We got to thinking. What has been here from the beginning of time and will be here long after we are gone? After much contemplation, trees and the timelessness of WOOD emerged. WOW, what other materials could we combine with wood to complement our outfits? And so we got to work and SEVENTH was born!



SEVENTH watches are the perfect blend of wood and all things timeless.

We are combining:

  • Wood + Metal
  • Wood + Glass
  • Wood + Leather
  • Wood + Corkscrew
  • Wood + Our Imaginations (Hint: Check back for future designs in our SEVENTH collections)


Servant Leaders:

  • We believe when we serve others, we fulfill our purpose.

Giving Forward:

  • The world is full of needs and we believe our products can be used as tool to enrich those who are less fortunate. This is why we give back a minimum of 10% of every sale to a worthy cause

Innovative Fashion:

  • Fashion is ever changing and we want to bridge the gap between timeless materials and futuristic influences