Azaz: Strong

Unique in every way. Parresia is unique wooden watch for women that made with a mix of the best woods we love. Dreaming of a wood watch with Zebrawood, Ebony, Sandalwood, Walnut, Koa and more? Well this 100% Handmade Quartz wooden watch is just for you!

The STRENGTH to own your convictions

Are you faced with a crossroad decision?

Decisions like:

  • Asking for a Raise, 
  • Asking someone to Date,
  • About to Propose, 
  • Public Speaking,
  • Present your vision to the boardroom, or to the next prospect.

Then you need some AZAZ which means STRONG. Our hope is when you are dressing for success and perfect your style this SEVENTH watch that you will be fueled with strength and your success is guaranteed.

Welcome to AZAZ

The STRENGTH to own your convictions


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