Exousía: Authority

Exousía is an amazing handmade Zebra Wood & Stainless Steel Wooden Watch. Quality stainless steel wood watch for Men. Comes with a classic white military chronograph and bracelet clasp and luxury wood grain.

Find your Authority

In a world ruled by social media and 15 seconds of fame, it would seem that our personal authority, our voices to express our convictions, our uniqueness, and our passions, are quickly and easily drowned by the next viral sensation. But there are the few…like the Martin Luther Kings of this world whose voice, power and personal authority cannot be suppressed by the noise of their generation.

Today, we need men and women with Exousía — A deterministic resolve to dispossess the noise and clutter of our generation, with a passion, a mission and an expression of power for the purposes and callings that matter. Let this Seventh watch empower you with Authority, when you need the strength to stand strong in your peculiarity to let the world know that on this point, you will not be moved.

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