17 or 77: Wooden Watches are for Every Birthday

17 or 77: Wooden Watches are for Every Birthday

Wooden watches can make every birthday super special, no matter what the age. Whether it is your daughter or son, a parent or parent-in-law, or your significant other – here are some gift ideas for their birthdays. Gifts that they will cherish forever.

Sweet Sixteen, Daughter!

The baby that learned crawling just the other day will be celebrating her 16th birthday next week. There is something incredible about that, you think as you flip through old albums to revisit her over the years have gone by.

Simultaneously, you are wondering what would make the perfect gift for this jewel of yours. We present Azaz: Strong, an exquisite watch delicately handcrafted from a variety of adorable wood pieces.

With a face made with the elegance of zebrawood and the boldness of dark ebony wood, this is just the watch that your daughter needs as she prepares to face the world on her own. 

With a caring eye to detail, the band made of mixed wood captures variety and uniqueness together. Just the lesson one needs to remember at 16: respect diversity, but hold on to your own unique values.

Your daughter will fall in love with this beautiful wooden watch. It will be a gift she will cherish till she’s 60 and beyond.

Your Son’s 21!

Children have a way of growing up at a rate much faster than calendar years. Or so it seems to most parents. The toddler whose bottle you were cleaning just the other day is all of 21 in a month’s time. Incredible!

But since that unbelievable event is just around the corner anyway, you king you must be racking your brain for the best gift that you can give your son on this important milestone of his life.

Here is a gift idea that you’ll love and your son will love even more. Gift him the wooden watch Emeth: Truth. The combination of non-nonsense matte finish black stainless steel with the grace of zebrawood makes this unique watch classy and flashy at the same time.

That is just what a young man at 21 needs: an idea in how to gently show off his skills and abilities without losing the grace of modesty and humility. For his birthday, watch him flash his wrists at his friends so no one misses your amazing gift. Twenty years down the line, watch him strap that watch on for all the important events in his life – personal or professional.


Partner Turns 40

That’s a memorable milestone in anyone’s life. When your significant other hits 40, that’s an event you would like to celebrate in style. You would want your partner to know how much you care and how important your togetherness is for you.

As you start planning for the day, we can take one headache off for you. Here’s a gift idea that you’ll love and so will your partner.

If it is your husband or male partner who’ll turn 40, gift him Genesis: Begin. The shining stainless steel band contrasts sharply with the handcrafted dark ebony wood band. This is a watch that reminds us of the saying, “Black is black and white is brilliant.”

That is really an adage that captures what human life is all about. Every supposed opposite can peacefully coexist together and generate a kind of beauty that neither can emanate on its own.

Moreover, life begins at 40, people say. Remind your partner of that with this amazingly attractive watch and watch the glow of absolute pleasure on his face. Engrave the watch to personalize it and make it an even more treasured possession.

If it is your wife or female partner who’s turning 40 soon, the event is no less momentous. It can be more so, in fact, since society tries to reinforce in a myriad different way that women lose their charm as they age.

Disprove this age-old superstition with an astonishing gift to tell the woman of your life how gracefully she’s aging. We recommend Arete: Virtue. A face of bamboo combined with black matte stainless steel captures the resilience of bamboo and the statement of the steel. Its cork leather band lends it that touch of softness that you’ve always appreciated in your partner.

Think of everything that this watch says; how it captures every virtue your partner has. Soft as cork leather, strong as steel and the ability to bounce back like the bamboo plant that stoops to the ground under wind pressure only to bounce back. Bamboo never breaks.

Doesn’t that sound like exactly what your partner is? Say that through this unparalleled gift that will be a timeless treasure for her. Engrave it to make a personal statement and enjoy the flow of emotions on her face as she opens the wooden box to look at your gift on her 40th birthday.

Parent’s 75th Birthday

What a milestone! Doesn’t matter whether it’s your father or mother or one of your parents-in-law, we have the ideal gift idea for you. Some people don’t age, you know, they just turn vintage like old wine and old cars. We’re sure that applies to that vital person in your life who’ll attend platinum in a month.

If it’s your mother or mother-in-law, gift her Thrásos: Valor. This surprisingly modern square face wooden watch handcrafted from dark sandalwood will reflect your appreciation of the valor with which she has traveled through life, dealing with every challenge to emerge stronger and victorious.

If it is your father or father-in-law, we recommend Kairos: Action. The stainless steel face combines elegantly with the red sandalwood band to make the statement that the world belongs to those who are not afraid to take action.

Red sandalwood has been celebrated for its beauty and quality for thousands of years. Beauty that comes combined with sturdiness and versatility. From furniture to jewelry, sandalwood can lend itself to just about anything.

Isn’t that just how you think of this man – courageous without losing his gentleness, versatile and ready to act when necessary? Go ahead; show your appreciation through this stunning watch that will add an extra beam to his happy face at 75.



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