Azaz - The Most Important Ingredient in the Recipe for Success is Strength

Azaz - The Most Important Ingredient in the Recipe for Success is Strength

When the time calls for strong people, will you be up to the task and deliver your full potential? The secret ingredient in the recipe of a fulfilling and happy life is to be strong enough to make decisions. If we don´t have that strength, they will very likely be made for us by life or by other people. Being strong in a world that has high competition levels and huge exposition ones is a definitive must. There are companies in the world that have shown this kind of strength when the time came like Seventh, a watch-manufacturer that decided to go for handcrafted, luxurious, wooden timepieces in a moment in which most companies are going for disposable materials and mass-produced goods. Read on and find out why strength is the key to a better life.

Strength to make decisions


This is the most important aspect of being strong. When you are presented with a crossroad in your life and you have to make a decision, do you have enough strength to do it? To remind users of how important it is that they make decisions in their lives, Seventh created the AZAZ, a watch that represents strength as a value and is made of a mix of woods including zebrawood, precious ebony, sandalwood, koa, walnut and more.

Let´s take a look at some of the reasons why most people are fearful of making decisions in their life and end up losing, procrastinating and regretting it.

Fear of what you are losing

Well, it is absolutely safe to say that us, human beings, want it all. Yes, we really want it all for us and this is why making decisions has a sweet-sour taste. Every time you make a decision you win something, but you also lose something. It is just an inherent rule to decision-making. What happens if you lose that something when making a decision and opting for something better? This is a thought that generates anxiety and most people get paralyzed by it.

A great example of this is ending up a relationship. Every couple has some beautiful things and also some very bad things and that is exactly why they break up. When you make the decision of leaving him or her, you will be leaving all of it: the beautiful and the bad. What happens if you don´t have the strength to make that decision at the right time? Well, many things can happen as a complete deterioration of the bond that leads to huge fights and losing all that once was good. Also, not having that strength is to staying in to cope with something that doesn´t make you happy while time and other opportunities go by.

Taking a look at your Seventh AZAZ might just be that extra push you need to be reminded of what great, beautiful opportunities always await for you.

Fear of failure

This is another major setback when the time comes to make choices. This is particularly important for those who are faced with big decisions in life, those that will very likely change them completely. In those crucial moments, to have the strength to believe in yourself and chase that what you want to achieve with your whole heart is very important.

There are several of those situations that demand the best of you:

Facing your superiors

Talking to your boss about some difficult things like a raise or a promotion can be tough. The thing about this decision is that life can go by without making it and the only one suffering will be you. Being strong enough to stand for what you believe is right might even have the opposite effect to the one you thought it might. You might get that raise and the respect of your boss for making the decision and talking to him or her about it.

Facing someone you love

Big decisions like asking them out on the first date or even proposing marriage are difficult to make. The thing is that with personal relationships, everything is more volatile and hence, the time factor is even more important. Be strong, make that decision, remember that the worst thing you can get back is a no.

Fear of confrontation

Finally, this is another huge reason why some people don´t make decisions in life: the fear of confronting others with their own decisions and generating conflict. It is similar to the fear of losing, but one step before: they are afraid that others will get mad at them or change the way they perceive them. Fear of confrontation is very common and might make people endure awful conditions just no to break some bonds.

Strength is the basis of happiness


Decisions that are not made are taken away from our very hands.

  • Procrastination – If you happen to procrastinate and delay decision making, time will take that privilege away from you and make the decision for you.
  • Doubt – Being doubtful about decision-making might mean that others make them for you. Personal relationships are all about timing, and being doubtful might have the opposite effect on you.
  • Excess of confidence – This is another reason to avoid decision-making: to trust yourself so much that you decide to avoid the burden of exposure. When the time comes for action, you will be less prepared than the rest.

Conclusion – Wear your Seventh AZAZ and find the strength

Azaz watch

Finding the strength you need is crucial for pursuing your dreams. Most of the times, it is not about “deserving” or being “talented enough”, but of being bold daring and taking the opportunities that are presented to you by life. Having a beautiful timepiece like the Seventh AZAZ to remind you to be stronger every day is a great help for those crucial moments of doubt and procrastination. Be bold enough to get the life you want and be reminded of how strong you are wearing your Seventh AZAZ all the way.





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