Balance The Seven Areas Of Your Life To Be Happier And Do It In Style With Mozen

Balance The Seven Areas Of Your Life To Be Happier And Do It In Style With Mozen

Balance is the ultimate achievement in life for people who want to be happier across the board. According to recent studies by numerous professionals, there are seven major areas that are considered fundamental to attaining this balance. Companies the world over have reinforced this principle of balance by creating beautiful products that assist the individual to identify with the perfect blend of different areas in their lives. Such is the case with Seventh who, through their perfect combination of timeless materials, tapped into a business niche of their own. Read on and find out why balance is so important in your life.Ā 

The Seven Areas of Life

According to most studies into the topic of balance, it is important to achieve perfect control in all of them. It naturally happens that when we pay too much attention to one area, we tend to overlook the others. Balance is about just that, not losing sight of any of them. Seventh created a timepiece to remind us all of this need for balance, and that timepiece is called MOZEN. It is a quality watch made of zebrawood and ebony and is luxurious, reliable and beautiful.

LetĀ“s take a look at the seven areas you need to balance in your life.


The spiritual side of our personalities and lives is often centered in the ethereal. We canĀ“t tangibly grasp spirituality, therefore, it is a matter of faith and belief. For centuries humankind has grappled with these different disciplines in searching for the meaning of life and with a view to resolving the question of what happens after we die, among many other unanswered questions. The result is walking a path of spirituality that can bring calm to the most tumultuous moments in our lives. Living a rich spiritual life means being happier and fulfilled without material possessions.

The Seventh MOZEN is a perfect reminder of how important this area is to our lives. Wearing it on your left wrist might just provide you with the perfect link to a healthier relationship with the spiritual side of your personality.


Your intellectual capacity is not static but is growing all the time. The more you apply your brain to learning, the better the results you are likely to achieve. To bring balance to this side of your personality is to quench your thirst for knowledge and thereby exercise your brain. This is done by continually learning and developing your cognitive skills. Set yourself tests and dare to learn something new every day. You can even go a little further and sign up for a course to learn a foreign language or a new skill. Some people sign up for mathematical courses that can take them well outside their comfort zone.

Wearing a watch like the Seventh MOZEN can be a regular reminder that you need to experience intellectual challenges all of the time; such a satisfying way to make sure you never let go of that great habit.


The psychological component of our personality can determine many things, including the way that we cope with the various setbacks we encounter in life. For example, to be emotionally stable can be a huge asset when reality hits you with uncontrollable experiences like losing someone you love or being in danger. Cultivating your psychological and emotional side is the best way to turn yourself into a stronger, more resilient person who can face lifeā€™s challenges without giving up.

For those precise moments in which the scarcity of hope hits you hard, wearing a Seventh MOZEN and be a timely reminder that you need to find the strength to go on.


The social component of your personality is something that can open or close doors for you on your lifeā€™s journey. If you cultivate this side and find comfort in the company of other people, then you will be able to create healthy bonds and relationships more consistently. The security of your safety net throughout your life will be crucial to living happier for a longer period of time.

Wearing your Seventh MOZEN every day can remind you of that and also, being such a unique piece, can open a new bond with strangers when you get to a new place.


Your profession is what you do. Most time of your life on this planet will be spent in a job, exercising your professional skills. Choose carefully and strive to build a career in your field that can take you as far as you want to go. Being the best at what you do will be rewarding in both an emotional and also a financial way.

Wear a Seventh MOZEN to every meeting, deal and working day to remind you of the value of going the extra mile as a professional.


ā€œAll work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.ā€ This common phrase is absolutely true. You canĀ“t simply work all day, every day, because it will have a negative impact on your health, emotions and also performance. This area of your life should not be overlooked if you want to be productive and healthy.

Wear your Seventh MOZEN every day and remind yourself that you have to make time to have fun. Recreational time is a great way of strengthening bonds with friends and family as well as coworkers.


Finally, physical well-being is almost always a direct consequence of achieving balance in all other areas of life. If you work too hard, you will have consequences like stress, food disorders and so on. If you overlook your psychological well-being or even disregard your emotions, you might end up experiencing other problems like panic attacks and fear paralysis. Finally, the spiritual, intellectual, recreational and social aspects of your life will all contribute to your physical health and will help you blend in the joy and company needed for fulfilling happiness.


Wearing your Seventh MOZEN on your left wrist and being reminded about each aspect of your body and mind that needs to be taken care of is crucial to living a happy, fulfilling life. Wear your Seventh MOZEN and find the balance you need in your life.

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