Corporate Values And Wooden Watches, What Do They Have In Common

Corporate Values And Wooden Watches, What Do They Have In Common


Corporate values are conceived as the foundations or the pillars over which an entire corporation (sometimes taking global action) is built upon. These are usually the very values with which it was conceived and the intended impact it wants to have in the world. These values are very important and when reflecting on everyday life, they can be a game-changer transforming any given company into one of a kind place to work. What do they have to do with wooden watches? The answer is very simple and can be summed up to two words: Seventh Watches. These wooden timepieces reflect on those very values so you can wear and live them daily. Read on and dive into the amazing catalog of this unique company.

The world’s most common corporate values

According to author Caroline Forsey in her article for the prestigious platform Hubpost, values play a key role in corporative life. According to her research, companies who embrace a set of core values and stick to them get a 10% extra growth yearly than those that don’t. This is because the working environment that these values end up creating is perfect to let the best of your employees out. It is not news that motivation is the biggest driver for performance in most positions in most companies. This is not a random fact; companies spend millions of dollars in internal propaganda to teach the inner client how they should behave at all times. Let’s name some of the most common values repeated among the top companies in the world.

  • Integrity
  • Boldness
  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Accountability
  • Passion
  • Continuous learning
  • Simplicity

While it is true that the list goes on, these are the ones among the top 18 found by this journalist.

How these values help companies?

Values help companies by simplifying the message that has to go across the board from the CEO to the last trainee that just walked in. All policies, internal rules and procedures should be a reflection and an extension of these values. If these are truly pushed forward by the corporation in a way it reaches all people involved in the organization, then all management tasks are hugely simplified. This is the main reason why the selection of these values is not a random act and companies spend so much money on their internal propaganda. One more thing, according to recent research, this investment really pays off.

What can they do for you?

These values can do for you on a smaller scale the same thing they do for huge corporations in a smaller one. Values like the ones showed above can turn into a lifestyle and once adopted can be the key to make you a successful person not only in business but also in regular life. The more value-oriented you are, the more you will draw like-minded people to your life and the bigger respect you’ll get from them. Being a person with integrity is your best presentation card in a world like the one we live in. In fact, all the values listed above can transform your life and make you a better version of yourself.

Now, imagine wearing those values on a daily basis on your left wrist and being reminded at all times that you need to behave according to them. Well, that is the basic idea behind Seventh Watches; to make a better world one customer at the time. Besides the values, the wooden watches revolution is meant to help fight climate change by utilizing recyclable materials and 100% reliable sources of wood for their products.

The Seventh Watches catalog

The seventh Watches catalog of values has most of the ones mentioned above and also adds some of its own to the mix. These wooden timepieces are hand-made luxurious pieces that will also make you stand out from all the events you decide to go to. That being said, the more people you can turn on to abandon the old-fashioned metal watch trend, the more you’ll be living up to your values. Let’s review the models and the values attached to them.

  • EMETH – Truth
  • GENESIS – Begin
  • ÁXIOS – Honor
  • KAIROS – Action
  • MOZEN – Balance
  • ARETE – Virtue
  • SKYLAR – Scholar
  • AZAZ – Strong
  • ETHOS – Beliefs
  • PARRÉSIA – Bold
  • EXOUSÍA – Authority
  • THRÀSOS – Valor

All these models are shared between women’s watches, unisex models and men timepieces. There are some made of precious woods like sandalwood and ebony and others made with cork and bamboo. The catalog of Seventh Watches is so varied and colorful that it can be the perfect gift for anyone including yourself. There are two ways of shopping for Seventh Watches: you can do it by the value that you feel most represented by and want to be reminded most of or the timepiece that you feel most attracted to.

Helping those who need it the most

Seventh Watches donates ten percent of all profit to a worthy charity cause. This response to a company that takes its values very seriously and lives by them on a daily basis. With every purchase, besides acquiring a luxurious and beautiful timepiece, you will also be helping a bigger cause. Investing your money in the companies that truly care about the environment and those who need it the most is the best way to make a change in the world. Remember, it all starts with you.


Values are a person’s and a corporation’s most important asset. Together with the right human resources to execute it, the right corporate policies and environment can be a major game-changer for any and all companies in the world. Scaled-down to individuals, being reminded of the right values to live your life on a daily basis can make you a better person and also be your part in changing the world. Don’t waste any more time of your life and start living the change today with a Seventh Watches timepiece on your left wrist; corporate values and personal values are only different in terms of scale.

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