Intermediate seasons scream for brown and a wooden watch is the perfect choice

Intermediate seasons scream for brown and a wooden watch is the perfect choice

Intermediate seasons are the trickiest to tackle in a fashion sense. While winter and summer are definite in their opposition, but spring and autumn have a mixed feeling that most of us find daunting. Because of this, they scream brown is their favorite color. Brown gives a color palette and a basis to build an outfit that no other color does. Read on and find out why buying a Seventh Watches wooden watch is the perfect way to solve the mid-season problem forever.

Intermediate seasons and fashion

Fashion is more than just dressing to avoid cold or heat, it is an art form. Combining textures, colors, pieces, and fabrics is an every-day challenge for most and one that becomes more difficult when we reach the intermediate seasons: spring and autumn. In these months, until December, half the world will be in autumn and half will be in spring. Half the world is blossoming and getting ready for a colorful summer while half the world is entering the first colds of autumn and making its way to the cold of winter. What do they have in common? The color brown: it fits all outfits for both seasons regardless of the place of the earth you are in.

Deciding on what to combine it with

Brown can be the basis of an outfit topped off with colorful details for springtime like an apple green shirt and shoes or taken into a milder territory for autumn wearing dark red or pale yellow with it. Deciding on colors can make a single outfit belong to one or the other season in a heart-beat but the basis can remain the same. Whatever colors you decide to put on top of brown, the result is always a touch of distinction and elegance because some of the ancient most cherished fabrics were this color, like suede and leather.

Accessorizing properly

For springtime, the best thing to do is to be a little bold and accessorize properly thinking of a blossoming season. In this case, bold colors and big accessories like earrings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets are the go-to for women while men can go for a more minimalist approach. In autumn, the dress code changes so much leaving not so much skin exposed that necklaces and bracelets are not the most convenient option. On the men side, minimalism can be replaced by some leather accessories like gloves, and oversized scarves. For men and women and both seasons, watches are a definite must.

Brown´s stellar comeback

Ever since the comeback of the 70s fashion, there was no stopping brown from making it to the epicenter of the runways and fashion shows around the world. Textures like corduroy, leather, suede and wool are benefited enormously from this color and so are the thinner fabrics like silk, cotton and polyester. This amplitude of options makes it very easy to wear color because of the number of options we can find when shopping. Brown is back big time and is the perfect basis for your intermediate season´s outfits.

Why wooden watches are the new big thing?


Wooden watches are the new big thing because of many reasons

  • They are the perfect match for all the outfits – Their color palette based on certain shades of brown, red, black and yellow is perfect to enhance any outfit.
  • They are eco-friendly The materials used in the crafting of these timepieces are not pollutant to the environment.
  • They are unique Each piece of wood used in the construction of each of these timepieces is unique in the world; the lining, the texture and the feel of each piece of wood are different from all the rest.

Because of these reasons and the need the world has right now for these kinds of products, the wooden watches revolution is unstoppable. It is very likely that you will be seeing many more of these wooden wonders around shortly.

Why buy a Seventh Watches?

Seventh Watches is a wooden watches company that is dedicated to create the most luxurious timepieces in the market while also offering affordable prices, an eco-friendly manufacturing process driven by skillful craftsmen who do most of the work by hand and superb quality and performance to outdo any other brand in the market today. Also, each of the models that leave the Seventh Watches factory is based on a value that you need to face in everyday life. The presentation in a luxurious wooden box matches the interior; every detail has been thought of and it is proper of a company that has a real commitment to quality.

Finally, every Seventh Watches that is sold helps those who are in need because the company donates 10% of the profit to a charitable cause. This means that with every luxurious timepiece that you buy from them to look amazing, those who need it the most get a little help from your pocket too.

The models for this season are


Spring demands that the timepiece you wear on your left wrist is not only beautiful, also colorful and fun; these are the best choices

  • AZAZ –This colorful model made of a combination of zebrawood, sandalwood, ebony, walnut, koa and more is perfect to put that happy touch to everyday life.
  • KAIROS – This is a beautiful timepiece made of red sandalwood with a minimalist silver timepiece in the middle. Style up your style with it and wear a precious wood everywhere you go.


Autumn watches require a little more of sobriety and hence these models represent it best.

  • THRÁSOS –This beautiful square-shaped timepiece is made of precious lustered sandalwood and has the perfect color palette for autumn.
  • EMETH – This watch´s combination of jet-black ebony with zebrawood is perfect for the sobriety and color palette of autumn.


Wooden watches are the best way to wear brown in the intermediate seasons. They are luxurious, eco-friendly and utterly trendy accessories that can take any outfit to the next level. Wear a Seventh Watches this season and solve the intermediate-season problem forever.


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