Seven Reasons Why You Need a Wooden Watch

Seven Reasons Why You Need a Wooden Watch

There are many, really, but we at Seventh picked up the seven most striking reasons that need you to have one wooden watch or more to have the perfect accessory for every important occasion of your life.

Reason # 1: Live Life Centre Stage

Don’t we all want that? There is something incredibly rewarding in being the centre of attention for positive reasons. It can add oodles to your self-esteem.

A handcrafted watch with a wooden or bamboo face and band is just what you need. There is something so eye-catching in a zebrawood watch that the slightest gesture of your hand will automatically attract attention without the slightest effort from you.

Handmade with love and care, wooden watches make time stand still on your wrist, even as the watch hands move to tell you the time. They are beautiful and stylish. Wearing one is to make a style statement that makes you stand apart in a crowd.

Check them out here at Seventh and you will know what we mean.

Reason # 2: Your First Job Interview

An overwhelming majority of people would have a bout of nerves when getting ready for their first-ever job interview. That is only natural, irrespective of how good you have been as a student and how confident a person you are otherwise.

To appear for the first job interview of one’s life is a huge step, really. That is the moment of transition from the footloose and fancy-free student days of one’s life. This is the real moment of becoming an adult. To be 18 and adult is just a legal phenomenon. Feeling tense as you get ready for the first job interview of your life is perfectly normal.

It is equally important, however, to calm those nerves and get rid of the tension. Your performance at the interview needs you to be composed and centred.

Strap on your handcrafted wooden watch. There is something so solid about wood that its strength will seep into your body as you put on your watch. It will help you to calm down and be ready to give your best shot at the interview.

There is another added advantage. Wearing a unique watch with bamboo or a wooden face and band will make you stand out. Your interviewers will know you are not run of the mill. They will notice that there is something distinctive about you.

Reason # 3: You are in Love

Or the lady love you have always fantasized about. You have been dating for some time and now you are convinced. You know you are in love with this person and do not want to lose her.

You are going to propose to her today. You are almost sure that she will say yes, but that little bit of nagging doubt always remains. You’ve spent many distracted moments already, wondering about how you should dress today.

Well, that is your choice totally. But don’t forget to strap on your handmade sandalwood watch. That soft fragrance will help you be calm and composed. It will also be a huge plus in your style quotient. Your lady love will not miss the distinctive presence of a wooden watch on your wrist. And the fragrance of sandalwood would mesmerise her for sure.

The reverse scenario: You are finally convinced that you have met the man of your dreams. You have been seeing each other for some months now and you have only become surer with every meeting that this is the man you want to marry.

You have a date this weekend and your intuition tells you that he is going to propose to you. You want to be especially careful with your dress for this date, therefore.

Wear what makes you feel beautiful and confident. But do wear the exquisitely handcrafted corkwood watch to add that extra zing. Demonstrate how special you are by that sleek but full of character watch of yours. Let him know that he is the lucky one when you say yes.

Reason # 4: It’s Your Parents’ Golden Wedding Anniversary

Gift them a matching pair of handmade wooden watches and see their faces light up with a smile of sheer pleasure. Have both the watches engraved with both their initials and a 50 after that. Your gift will be so special that your parents will never stop bragging about it.

Reason # 5: Your Boss is Retiring

Your boss has always been wonderful to you. S/he mentored you, much beyond being a boss. You want to gift something special and personal as a mark of your gratitude for all the lessons you have learnt from this person. A wooden watch made by hand would be your ideal choice. Has it engraved with the boss’s initials and make it even more special than it already is? Your boss will be genuinely touched.

Reason # 6: Your Daughter/Son is Leaving for the University

Your little baby of yesteryears is a grown-up young person now and all set to move away and join the university at a different location altogether. You want to make a special gift that will remind your daughter/son every day about home. A gift that will make your daughter/son know how much you appreciate the person s/he has become. A gift that will make your child stand out among the new friends at the university. 

Gift the solid durability of a handmade wooden watch or the resilience of a bamboo watch made by hand. It will be a gift that will make your child feel special and everyone will know her/his distinctiveness at the university.

Reason # 7: Celebrate Diversity

Do you have a differently able child who has just passed high school? Make your child feel even more special than s/he already is by gifting a handcrafted wooden watch that is unique in design and value.

Are you a same-sex couple celebrating years of intimacy? Gift each other a matching pair of sandalwood watches and enjoy the fragrance together.

Signing Off

As you can now clearly understand, we have selected just seven among life’s many special occasions. A wooden watch is the best marker of those special moments. With the durability of wood, that gifted watch will keep the memory of the occasion alive for many years to come.


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