Seventh Watches: The Perfect Timeless Heirloom & Gift

Seventh Watches: The Perfect Timeless Heirloom & Gift

It might seem a little outdated to think of giving a watch as a gift when we think of how technologically advanced humans have developed over the past century. They might seem perhaps an impractical accessory or timepiece when other devices have been made more convenient. However, if you take a look at Seventh Watches, opinions will change.

Why the Watch?

For centuries, ancestors having been passing down beautiful timepieces from fathers to sons, and mothers to daughters creating cherished heirlooms beloved by generations. Furthermore, embedded in our company’s background, the numerical value of 7 is a representation of completion and perfection, which is why each one of our flawlessly, hand-crafted, blended, wooded watches are a perfect timeless heirloom to have as an addition to your family’s traditions.

Moreover, the 5th wedding anniversary gift symbol is wood, and our intrinsic creation would make the ideal gift for either the happily married blissful bride or groom. Wooden watches embrace the solid, timeless love that a couple of share throughout marriage and are an elegant, alternate, fashionable representation of their union. 

Watches have also been a symbol to mark important rites of passage in a person’s life such a significant birthday’s, graduations, and momentous employment events. Watches have perpetually been a classical and universal item to commemorate these noteworthy occurrences in order for the receiver to have a symbolic keepsake by which to remember that moment of their lives.

When a Seventh Watch wooden watch is passed down or given as a gift or memento, so much more than a mere timekeeper is being passed along or given out of love.

Seventh Watches represent an appreciation for the earth we inhabit, a unique characteristic and style, a desire for continuous health benefits for our loved ones and benefits for the watch.

Love Thy Mother (Earth)

When wearing a Seventh Watch, the message is being sent that the wearer is eco-friendly and cares about the environment and the earth in which we live. Every watch is created and designed from one of two methods.

The wood used in these handsomely designed watches is either collected from reclaimed materials, displaying an artistic, effective and economical way of upcycling. The secondary and primary method of Seventh Watches wood manufacturing is to collect it from trees purposefully grown for the devotion of the company’s products; therefore, all-natural reserves and forests remain intact and free from harm. This lessens the owner’s carbon footprint and can ease their peace of mind, knowing they are doing one more mission for Mother Nature.

Personalization & Comfort

With every handmade Seventh Watch creation, personalized design is also artistically crafted. Wooden watches are unique and distinguishable; each one a hand-crafted piece of art perfectly fashioned to match the individual's particular style and taste.

Each watch makes a statement, are multi-fashionable- being suited for all clothing options from casual to formal attire.

Because the wood is collected from reclaimed wood and purposefully grown trees, no two pieces will ever be identical because no two pieces of wood are identical; therefore, every Seventh Watch will have an individualized and custom-made feel and creation to it.

With each piece being so exceptional and distinctive, one will surely catch the attention of any prospective individual one may be seeking to attract. Prospective business partners, family member, classmates, professors, suitors, etc. will immediately notice the panache and style simply by the stunning example adorned on a wrist with a Seventh Watch practically costumed made especially for its wearer.

As well as being uniquely designed, they are exceptionally comfortable. Since many kinds of wood do not hold the weight nor react to temperatures the way that chunky metals and plastics do, wooden watches are surprisingly lightweight and flexible, making them an incredibly comfy accessory.

Benefiting Each Other

Finally, what could say, “I love you,” more than a stunning, one-of-a-kind gift that has all of these attributes and also provides health benefits? What other watches can claim that? 

Seventh watches and its wearer have a symbiotic relationship.

The watches benefit the wearer's health in several ways. Due to being engineered from wood, they are non-toxic and chemical free; they are hypoallergenic, and they are nickel free. These skin related toxins which are found in other watch material have been linked to diseases including cancers. However, that won’t occur when wearing a wooden watch.

Furthermore, wood has been known to have psychological and physiological benefits as well; including, reducing heart and blood pressure and decreasing stress and anxiety problems that can lead to strokes.

Moreover, since they are not sensitive to heat and improve with the wearer’s skin, the individual additionally improves the health of the watch. Because of human’s natural oils and emollients found within our skin, when we wear the wooden watch, we are actually nourishing and polishing the wood and maintaining its health and luster.

Frequently, when receiving a nice gift, we hide it away, afraid of damaging or tarnishing the surface. Unlike its synthetic counterparts, the more one wear’s a wooden watch, the longer the lifespan and possibly the wearer’s as well.


Watches are more than a simple accessory or a convenient timepiece. In the Technological Era or Age of High Fashion other options are readily available. However, the other benefits and symbolism that are attached to the idealism of watches are unparalleled. Furthermore, when one purchases a Seventh Watch, they are also investing in a lifetime of bonuses no other accessory or watch can offer in one extraordinary individual piece.

Seventh Watches wanted to create a product the promoted unity between the love between humans, their relationships with each other, and their relationships with the earth. They wanted these relationships to be identified as timeless representations of all we can offer one another and give back to the earth that has been so generous to us. With a glance at any one of their designs, you will find they have been successful.

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