The 2019 Trend That Wooden Watches Nail Like No Other

The 2019 Trend That Wooden Watches Nail Like No Other

Every year brings us new trends that we can either ignore or embrace; watches are no exception to this rule. This year´s trends have already been set and we are seeing them on the street, on runways, and in our everyday lives. Can wooden watches nail these trends while being stylish and eco-friendly? The answer is yes, they can not only nail these trends but also, they will do it more unique than any other watch you can buy. Read on and follow our tips to wearing the trendiest, most fashionable wooden watch all year long.

The Retro Look

Retro is back, big time, and past favorites like corduroy are making a huge comeback. Some people say it has to do with Quentin Tarantino´s latest creation, “Once upon a time in Hollywood.” This may or may not be true, but what is clear is that you have to get on the retro wave to ride the current trend. The seventies and all that denim over denim, corduroy, oxford pants, shades of brown and leather jackets are back; are you in?

Wooden Watches like SKYLAR and KAIROS are perfect examples and can go amazingly well with a black or leather jacket, respectively.

Colorful watches for colorful people in the 21st century

2019 is also a year that has reintroduced many colors from the past. As much as previous years were heavily influenced by fluorescents and in-your-face creations, 2019 is bringing back the more traditional colors including brown, dark red, black, navy blue, and orange, among others. This color palette can be applied to your outfit and also to your next watch. Don´t be afraid to be a 21st-century globalized citizen of the world and enjoy blending the colors in your outfit with those on your wrist.

Seventh Watches creations like AZAZ and PARRÉSIA combine a plethora of woods and are very colorful, eco-friendly creations.

Functions and Add-ons

For a time, the fashion world believed that smartwatches were to be the next big thing; they were wrong. Watch-buyers and watch-wearers are inclined towards the more classic add-ons with their classic watches. For example, it is important to have certain accessories such as a chronograph or a stopwatch or even a rattrapante. Can all this be found in a wooden watch? Of course! There are some creations that embrace technology as well as delightful style.

Seventh models like ETHOS, EMETH, and EXOUSÍA offer an added chronograph, stopwatch and rattrap ante.

Innovative Materials

This has been seen all over the runways and you might have noticed it in the streets too: Watches are moving away from classic materials. For starters, plastic is becoming a world-wide problem and hence, companies are echoing the sentiments behind this and have stopped using it. So, what do we have left to build beautiful timepieces? The answer is wood. Wooden watches are reliable, beautiful, eco-friendly and stylish. All Seventh Watches creations are based on wood and mixed with other materials like glass and metal for the ultimate fashion and eco-friendly statement.

Different Shapes

Round watches and clocks are among the most common accessories in the world and will continue to be so for many, many years to come, but they are not nearly as trendy as odd-shaped watches. Examples of this trend are many and can be found in every-day life as well as in the movies (like Will Smith in Men In Black or James Bond). Embracing this trend doesn´t turn you into a Hollywood legend overnight but it will definitely make you the trendiest individual among your friends. Don´t be afraid to be the odd-one-out, the trend-setter.

The beautiful TRHÁSOS timepiece is an impressive square-shaped creation that is made of sandalwood and will adorn your wrist softly and beautifully.

Mixed Materials


Mixing materials is a concept that has crossed the boundaries of fashionable dress and landed squarely into the accessories market. It is very common to see someone wearing a cotton shirt with denim pants, leather shoes and a corduroy jacket, right? Well, it is also increasingly common to see this mix of materials in terms of watches. For example, a leather band for a wooden or metal timepiece or vice versa.

Seventh Watches created its entire catalog based on this concept, so it is possible to find stylish mixes of materials such as leather, metal, and wood or cork and leather with a beautiful bamboo timepiece. The Ethos model combines wood and leather; the Skylar and Kairos combine ebony and sandalwood with metal. Taking these combinations even further illustrates the embodiment of the trendiest creations by a brand who is determined to keep their range dynamic.

Smaller in Size, Bigger in Style

The falling focus on increasing size is now influencing fashion in the area of ornamental accessories; what is trendy nowadays is minimalistic and elegant. For example, those big timepieces taking half your arm are no longer what we see on the runway and will become less and less prominent over time if the trend persists. The motto for the future could be read, “Keep it simple, keep it small.” In this sense, materials like wood and metal are taking precedence over others like rubber, plastic and more.

Seventh Watches creations like Parrésia, Genesis, Áxios, Skylar, Kairos, Arete and Azaz are great examples of how this growing trend applies so well to the creation of beautiful pieces for men and women.


Wearing a wooden watch is making an environmental statement, but if that wooden watch is also very trendy, you are carrying a valuable message with the intention of changing the world. Fashion and trends have spoken and companies like Seventh Watches have echoed their sentiments and have responded with beautiful, hand-crafted wooden timepieces. Don´t waste your time with a smart watch that is neither trendy nor beautiful, embrace wooden watches in style and be the trendiest of the trendy. Keep one step ahead with your Seventh Watch on your left wrist.

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