The History, Symbolism & Mysticism of the Woods Seventh Watches Use

The History, Symbolism & Mysticism of the Woods Seventh Watches Use

For thousands of years humans of been using the elements of the earth to help them seek answers to the questions that arise in their lives. The gifts from Mother Nature, such as crystals, metals, and wood have all been used to help encourage or dissuade positive and negative energies people have sought after to help them.

In every culture, across the world and in every religion, people have used the immense energies from trees for several reasons. Trees represent life itself, coming straight from the Mother’s core. Also, a tree’s many parts, (root, wood, leaves) all have different properties and uses.

Man has used wood for his survival in the building of products but also because of his belief in the symbolism and mysticism he believed the wood he was using captured and held. Man believed and many still believe that certain woods are associated with the capability to bring or ward of certain energies to the person who keeps products designed from the different woods. Therefore, over centuries of time, wood has been used to make jewelry, talisman, and most recently watches.

Seventh watches design beautiful watches for every occasion. We’re not saying that they will bring you the positive energies connected with each of the woods we use, but nothing is impossible.


One of the more denser woods found in the West Tropical areas of Africa, growing in deciduous forests. It derives its name from the contrasting its dark and light-striped pattern.

Folklore says that when used, you want to honor the spirit of the tree and keep it captured within the wood to have it protect you while you use it for whatever product being made. Culturally, it had been most often been used in the local drums and boats. If the spirit was properly captured, it would protect the boatman from drowning.

More recently, the craftsman has desired the use of this dense yet pliable wood for its contrasting color for furniture, flooring, dishware, and jewelry. The striking colors are a majestic representation of the tree itself and create magnificent unique pieces.

On a spiritual level, it is believed that Zebrawood is associated with all things associated with the moon and divination. People have used its wood to bring or enhance luck, creativity, luck, and love into their lives. It is believed that the spirit of the wood will help people bring these qualities into their lives when using or wearing properties made from the beautiful and contrasting wood made from this exotic tree.


A more popular or well-known wood is Sandalwood. It has been used for thousands of years by every culture for a variety of spiritual, medicinal, and recreational purposes. This may be why it is still one of the most sought after and valuable woods.

Every part of the Sandalwood tree has been used. Most commonly it has been used to create aromatic oils whose properties have been used for healing, protection, religion and spirituality, and cleansing.  

The lore is that is to rid an area of negativity and create protection. Perhaps, this is why historically, Sandalwood has been used by different cultures for religious, spiritual rituals across the globe. Muslim and Buddhist are known to have used it for their religious purposes. Egyptians used the highly fragrant tree in their embalming practices. Chines and Tibetans also were known to use as part of their medicinal and spiritual uses; it is burned at funerals, believed to help carry one’s soul into the afterlife.  Additionally, it is used in India to burn with funeral pyres.

Believed to be the wood used in the representation of The Tree of Life it has strong spiritual associations with it. Objects made from Sandalwood are believed to bring the wearer the elements of protection, spiritual awareness, healing, ward of evil spirits, and also use as an aphrodisiac to bring new life. 


Since Ebony is the most sought-after wood in Africa, it had almost been harvested to extinction. The most expensive wood in Africa, due to the high demand of the dark colored wood and its slow-growing cycle, close to 80,000 wood carvers in Africa makes their living from the wood of theses powerful trees. This is why Seventh Watches grows their own trees or uses repurposes wood for ecological purposes of their watches.

The most recognized use of ebony for most people might be the dark keys of older pianos alongside their ivory counterpart. Since the near extinction of both products, alternative elements are more commonly used on newer musical instruments.

However, this richly colored, dark, and expensive wood has been used through history as a symbolic source of power, protection, purity, luck, and balance. These are the ideal qualities one would want as the handle for a mighty weapon. Which is why the Samurai used it as the handles for their traditional swords, to give its warrior all of these properties while using.

Ancient Egyptians revered the powerful wood of Ebony for its mystical powers and beauty. Carved statues and artifacts have been found inside Egyptian burial tombs, and the wood shavings were recorded to be used for treating eye ailments.

Recognized as a source of power and protection, Ancient kings of India believed Ebony could counteract poisons. The royal houses had drinking cups fashioned out of Ebony created to protect the family from would-assassins who would try to use poison against them.

Other products made from this pure black wood are believed to bring the person positive luck, spiritual knowledge, the balance of energy, intuition and emotion and help diffuse social barriers. A very powerful wood indeed with all that energy locked into it.


Bamboo is one of the most recognized woods known to man; however, man doesn’t realize it belongs to the grass family. It is actually a fast-growing reed, that is very strong and pliable and has been used for thousands of years and is especially important in the vast cultures of Asia. It has been a part of Asian art, science, construction, food, literature, even medicine.

Throughout Asia, Bamboo is believed to have several different powerful and mystical, spiritual meanings. Highly revered in China, it is a symbol of wealth and luck. It is also the representation of the summer season and believed to promote the chi, or positive energy flow; however, in Korea and Japan, it is the opposite season of winter. Perhaps that is why one of its overall symbolic representations is flexibility.

It also has several other meanings including loyalty, eternity, longevity, and fidelity. This could be why in Japan; thick Bamboo forest grows wildly and strong around the Shinto shrines as barriers to protect and ward off encroaching evil spirits. It is also possibly why is Vietnam it is the symbol of the Vietnamese soul, and in India, the representation of friendship.

Woodcarvers use it in modern times for household products, artwork, and jewelry, and it is still believed to bring the owner strength, flexibility, luck, and health. This light-toned pliable wood continues to be a beautiful representation of all the positive energies the Asian cultures have believed.

While we Seventh Watches don’t 100% guarantee that our watches will bring you any of the positive attributes associated with the wood of our watches, we do believe in the power of Mother Earth, which is why to great length to protect her through our environmentally friendly gathering of her trees. We do guarantee that you will love our products and hope you will find the positive energy still lingers that we find in all our products.

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