The Symbolism of Wooden Watches for Trend-Setters

The Symbolism of Wooden Watches for Trend-Setters

Watches, loved by everyone in the past, have now become less active in means of being a staple accessory due to the increased smartphone usage. However, they have not died yet, as they continue to be the symbols of status and vogue, providing a sense of completeness to their wearers.

We all have survived through the era of wrist chronometers, racing watches, and sports watches. That time has gone, my friend. It is time for the trendiest, naturalistic, and the most unique watches, hence, wooden watches make their way through the innovation.

Wooden watches add a classic touch to any ensemble and become the center of attraction and that too, at an affordable rate. Here are a few more reasons for you to cherish and invest in these distinct timepieces.

The Infrequent Masterpiece

The possibility of wearing something unusual and eccentric that also brings a sense of sophistication and excellence is brought by wooden watches. So when you gently put them on your wrist, they reflect your admirable and stylish personality.

As wooden watches have just started to create a history, everyone who sees you wearing such an outstanding piece of art will become compelled to say, “what an incredible watch!”

In addition to being an alluring object, wood watches are also wholly exclusive. No one, other than the classicists, will ever have a watch similar to yours because they are out of the question to replicate.

Experimentally in Fashion

Wearing a wood watch does not only tells you time but provides you with an additional grace that everybody else craves for. These watches never fail to grab attention, instead, they make a bold statement and make you stand out from the crowd.

Who doesn’t want to be in the spotlight? Everyone does. You do. So make yourself quirky with an ageless aesthetic that attracts compliments.

If you prefer to look classically formal or relaxed casual chic, a wooden watch with the pretty finish can match any ensemble to make a new standard of rage.

The Art of 3 R's - Reduce, Recover, and Recycle

Wood watches are mostly designed from salvaged or retrieved sources of wood and are chosen on the basis of quality and sustainability. This way, the improvident ditching of old wood from disproval is prevented thus, delivering a special story for each single wood watch that craftsmen design.

Just visualize; you own a watch that is made from the wood of an ancient ship like Titanic, or even a spooky farmhouse that was built thousands of years ago. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful possession!

Nature provides us various precious gifts, and one of them is a wooden watch, having a masterpiece that is made from reprocessed wood totally presents that extraordinary element. Of course, wearing a wood watch makes an unbreakable connection between the wearer and mother Earth.

Non-irritating and Hypoallergic Showpiece

Wearing watches made from plastic, metal, glass, synthetic fabric, or treated leather causes harm to your skin. Nevertheless, wearing a wood watch on a regular basis helps your skin to soak up the green coating of the watch.

Skilled workers design wood watches from non-toxic and chemical-free substances. A thing of timeless beauty and elegance, adding good things to your life and skin; what more you could ask for.

Most people are allergic to metals and other items that are required to make a watch. These allergies cause discoloration, reddishness, irritation, and rashes to the skin. That means allergic people cannot wear even the most expensive essentials made up of metals due to the reaction to the skin.

Thanks to wood watches; these allergic problems are never experienced as both genders can enjoy the wooden timepieces without involving in health hazards.

In addition to that those who suffer from nickel allergy cannot even wear the most contemporary mechanical or digital watches because nickel is an essential metal that is used in backplates of modern watches. People suffering from nickel allergy undergo through small blisters that bulge, burst, and become inflamed by dirt.

Good news for the nickel-allergics! Wood watches’ backings and belts comprise of no metal, so you can enjoy wearing them. Or if you know of someone putting up with nickel allergy, gift them a wooden watch to give them the joy of wearing something grand for most occasions.

The Revitalizing Heritage

There is a wedding custom in the Western countries of the world that on the fifth wedding anniversary, a gift made from wood brings love, happiness, and strengthens the commitment of togetherness when it’s given to the spouse.

Opting for something modish yet practical is not an easy task, but with the carving nature of wood watches, you can present your spouse with a fantastic and unforgettable gift.

Over and above that if you have a source of wood that means a lot to you and your spouse, such as a tree where you met for the first time, where you kissed for the first time, where you and the love of your life engraved your initials, the place where your wedding vows were taken, or a wooden park bench where you made out for the first time ever, choosing any of these beautiful moments and giving them a shape in terms of a wooden watch is the most wonderful idea. This way, you can lock the treasure of memories for the course of life in a small yet powerful gift.

There is no doubt that there are several reasons to possess a one-of-a-kind wooden watch. They may soon become the quality possession for both men and women to add in their accessories of timeless assets.

Take your time to find the most popular designs that meet your needs, or you can also get a personalized watch to show off in front of your friends and family. However, if someone is dear to you, getting them a nice-looking wooden watch is always a great idea to celebrate a particular event.

Wooden watches, beyond any doubts, make a never-to-be-forgotten impression that will last for years to come.

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