Translating Values into the Wooden Watch Revolution

Translating Values into the Wooden Watch Revolution

Standing out from the crowd in today’s world is a domain reserved for only those who are prepared to step boldly into the spotlight, venture into the unknown and create something new, something special. Seventh has led the revolution in the development of wooden timepieces. In order to endure the challenges of being different and leading from the front, they established sound values that they used to underpin the manufacturing of if their ‘timeless’ watches. What a quality way to remind yourself every day of the value of time and the role it plays in achieving your goals and ambitions.

Why are Values So Important in Life?

How would you define the key values that rule your life? Are you moved by passion? The things that motivate people are framed in terms of their values. If you are moved by greed, but framed by a strong ethos, you can choose to do something great for others. If that framing is not so strong then greed can take control, and you might find yourself acting unethically to pursue your goals. So, values represent the framework that contains and empowers all beliefs, goals and ambitions. If you lack any strong set of values to guide you, you are likely to end up chasing passion without thinking about the consequences. A strong set of values matched with optimum timing can actually make you a better person.

Where do values come from?

Values are learnt through the actions and teachings of those around you. Once you start making decisions in life, your choices are strongly dictated by the knowledge and understanding you have acquired from those who taught you. Values are developed throughout your lifetime and sit at the core of every person. They can be seen in the way people respond to extreme situations and also in the little every-day gestures when interacting with others. We spend a lifetime cultivating and modifying those values, but essentially, they arise from the most archaic moments in our lives.

Why Remind us of Our Values?

The goal of Seventh is to remind us, as we make our way through this wild jungle of life, that there are certain core values we should adopt in our interactions with those around us. This laudable attribute reflects a fundamental company belief that a better world is possible. Seventh could have embarked on any nature of business venture but instead they have chosen to invest their time and resources on an ecologic innovation in a new market niche that supports a better future for us all. This approach clearly indicates the importance of their values, so let’s take a look at the values their watches represent:

Emeth – Truth

Truth is perhaps the mother of all values. Truthfulness promotes honesty, and a world with more honesty is definitely benefits society as a whole. This first value requires a courageous commitment to uphold the truth despite any potential consequences; this principles aligns perfectly with Seventh’s crusade for a better world.

Ethos – Beliefs

Personal or organizational beliefs are the foundational stone for sound company decision making. What you believe in usually encourages your pursuits in life. Having a timely reminder of this sitting on your left wrist is vital to personal growth and achievement.

Parresia – Bold

Boldness is a sign of character and signals the commitment that Seventh made to a burgeoning market to improve on the quality of life in this world. The value of boldness in the commercial market should not be underestimated.

Kairos – Action

No value would have any value if there wasn’t some form of action attached to it, and time is a great reminder that life never stands still; it gives you that extra push you might need to get moving on taking those steps towards your important goals.

Mozen – Balance

This value is often overlooked and is one of the hardest to achieve. Life nowadays has taken on such a frantic rhythm that it is difficult to hold still for a moment and you’re your inner balance. A daily reminder to take those five special minutes to center yourself is always welcome.

Genesis – Begin

The courage to make decisions and get new projects started is sometimes the biggest hurdle and good intentions are often overridden by fears and insecurity. Having that regular reminder on your wrist urging you to get started and reminds you to always be ready for the right time to take that next step.

Áxios – Honor

The set of values that are instilled in you throughout your childhood are not always set in concrete, and many times you will be faced with the choice of taking the shortcut or being honorable. Whenever you look at this quality timepiece on your wrist, you will constantly be encouraged to choose the right option.

Thrásos – Valor

Much of the time, life is not an easy game to play; it’s not a smoothly paved road, but rather it resembles a winding and uneven path with bumps and potholes along the way. Having the courage or the valor to overcome adversity is one of the greater values and wearing a beautiful timepiece to remind you of that makes it a worthy accessory.

Azaz – Strong

The strength that we require to make some of those challenging decisions when we are facing difficult crossroads in our lives becomes part of who we are. Sometimes, it feels like life is just too much to bear, and we need that extra push to move ourselves forward. This particular timepiece will always remind you of your inner strength; of who you are.

Arete – Virtue

High moral integrity is one of the classically valuable virtues which is a high standard for any person to attain and maintain but will make you stand out from the crowd. You can wear a constant reminder of virtuosity elegantly attached to the left wrist.

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