Being Unique Is A Wooden Revolution

Being Unique Is A Wooden Revolution

There is no need to break the bank to be unique, trendy, fashionable, and stand out from the crowd. Most of the time people commit the same mistakes repeatedly by spending a fortune on the new gimmick to keep up with everyone else. That is following a trend, not actually being trendy or innovative. Seventh watches offer the best way out of that one-way tunnel to boredom. Read on and find out why you need to get a wooden watch for yourself today and start being the trendiest person in every room. Luxury doesn´t have to have a hefty price tag, just good taste in selection.

Create, don´t follow

This simple statement represents a way of life. If you tend to follow the latest trends, then you are not going to take the opportunities to create them. Now, being a trend creator is a bold move. You must be prepared to have all eyes on you and also feel that you are the odd-one-out in many situations that you step into. As much as it means being bold and dealing with being the focus of attention at times, it also means that you are heading down the right path to establishing yourself as someone to follow or imitate; in other words, a trend creator.

Nowadays, social media is what most people turn to in terms of trends and fashion. For example, most Instagrammers who have millions of follower’s charge companies for showcasing their products through their accounts; and the costs for accessing these sites can be huge. The problem with this type of advertising is that Instagrammers promoting photos of various different goods often don’t say anything at all about product quality. In fact, most companies pay for this service because their products aren´t good enough to have a sufficient impact on people via word-of-mouth.

When something goes viral it is usually for one of two reasons: The first could be that it is an amazing product and the person who bought it wants to spread the message, or the company behind it is very wealthy and commits significant investment into it. The second scenario is what we refer to as an imposed trend. This happens all the time, where people are influenced by marketing strategies and are persuaded to buy products. There are, however, some great examples of not following these rules, and therefore avoiding falling into the common trap of ‘spend more, buy better’. One of these examples is wooden watches from Seventh. Why do they escape the equation? Because their quality and craftsmanship are a superior and more ecologic while, at the same time, costing less than the trendiest pieces.

Wooden Timepieces

Good timepieces are pricey items and have been so from the beginning of time, so to speak. Back in the day, when they were the quality trinket sitting inside the inner pocket of classy vests, they were the most advanced technological equipment of the era. What has changed since then? Now the cost of timepieces is dictated by the market itself, not by the materials used in them or even the expertise of manufacturers. Because of that, most of the newly-manufactured timepieces have a price tag that differs wildly from its manufacturing cost. In other words, it is safe to say that regular timepieces are overpriced, and companies utilize marketing strategies to justify prices in terms of status statements.

Wooden timepieces change this equation drastically. Watches from companies like Seventh are constructed to be long-lasting and utterly precise through superior craftsmanship yet with a reasonable price tag. This is why the revolution of unique individuality is a wooden one. Gone are the days where everyone in your social circles or gatherings would pretty much have similar or even the same shiny timepiece on their wrists. Also gone are the days where you have to invest your whole paycheck to afford the purchase of quality accessories. These works of art and precise craftsmanship are here to stay and demonstrate a different, new and better path.

Wooden timepieces are trendy

Wooden timepieces are trendy because you are bringing something new and revolutionary to the equation. Being trendy means creating a trend, not just following it blindly like the next guy or girl. Seventh have achieved this with their quality modern, wooden timepieces; with these watches, you get to be unique and engage in quality, environmentally friendly trend. As we said at the beginning, it is not easy to be unique and different, it is not a simple thing to start a brand-new trend but it is really worth it because it feels amazing knowing that you were involved with a trend right from the start.

Wooden timepieces are environmentally friendly

Wooden timepieces like the ones created by Seventh are not only examples of superior craftsmanship inside and out, but also contemplate the environment around them. Made strictly from ecologically-safe woods, not destroying any regional or national treasures in the shape of protected forests or jungles, they are a statement that you care.

Trends are not only a statement about fashion, looks, and status, they are also a way of shouting out to the world through your possessions, what you stand for. There is nothing more effective in creating a trend than items that take care of our environment. Although they are not 100% wooden (employing glass, for example), the impact on the world´s ecology is far more reduced than with metal-constructed timepieces.

Wooden timepieces are classy

When you first hear about wooden timepieces you may think of this odd-looking, a weirdly-shaped big chunk of wood stuck on your wrist, but that is not the case at all. Watches by brands like Seventh are truly classy and refined timepieces. For example, the Thrásos model is a unique, trendy, block-shaped watch that you would expect to pay thousands of dollars for if it was a regular metal-made version. It is trendier than a metal one and way cheaper, not even reaching the $400 mark. Another example is the Áxios model with its finely engraved wristband, which makes it classy, unique and utterly soft to the touch on the skin.

Wooden timepieces are light-weight and modern

For those out there who expect a little more from their watches than just being able to tell the time, more complex timepieces are an attractive option. You might think that wooden timepieces do not offer more complex structures because the craftsmanship itself would be too complicated, but you would be wrong about that. Seventh watches like the Éthos model offer key additional features such as chronograph, stopwatch, and rattrapante (dual chronograph). This is all encased in a beautiful wooden frame with a wooden or leather band that moulds to your skin like butter. Also, they are lightweight because of the composition and porous quality of wood. Metal typically tends to be heavier than wood, therefore a watch that is primarily constructed of metal will weigh at least twice as much. The piece itself is made of zebrawood which is a hard and durable material that was often used in the past for the trim work inside luxury cars like Cadillacs and Mercedes Benz.

Wooden timepieces are varied

Wood comes in many different colors and shapes. Even the way the wood is sawn makes a huge difference in the way the finished product will present. Wooden watches reflect these unique properties and they come in many color combinations. For example, you can mix a dark wood, like ebony with a lighter one and have a watch that is colorful and exciting to wear. You can also buy one completely made of black wood to match any given outfit while you keep the colorful one for everyday use. With the price tag that wooden watches have, it is not prohibitive to have more than one for use in a range of different circumstances. Even if you want to reflect your mood, the season of the year or the time of the day, you have plenty of options to choose from with brands like Seventh.

Uniqueness is an attitude

To be unique, you have to learn to be bold; it’s just a fact of life that the two go together. Being bold, most of the time has to do with thinking outside the box, breaking the mold, believing that there is more to explore in the big, wide world than what you see immediately in front of you. That is the kind of revolution that wooden timepieces are here to establish. Most likely, you will not see Instagrammers who have been paid millions of dollars to show off their wooden timepieces. This is because the product is so impressive and revolutionary that there is no need for them to invest their money in such superficial marketing strategies.

The price tag of wooden timepieces is not inflated by the promotions budget or the cost of investing in other such marketing strategies. It reflects the quality of the materials used and the craftsmanship involved in the production. If you don’t hesitate and join the wooden timepieces revolution today, you will be able to get the trendiest watch on the market for less than $300 by visiting the sites of brands like Seventh watches.


If you dare to be unique, there are a plethora of watches waiting for you out there. When the day arrives that these timepieces become every discerning person’s fashionable asset, you will regret having read these words and not taken the next step in becoming one of the original pioneers of this movement. Create the trend with a Seventh wooden timepiece today and show the world the right pathway ahead.

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