Wooden Watches: Making A Statement From Your Wrist

Wooden Watches: Making A Statement From Your Wrist

Are you wearing a large gold watch for your everyday job? Are you wearing a hipster, silver, digital Casio to an important business meeting? Watches can be an awesome presentation card, or they can sink your reputation without even saying a word. Wooden timepieces are the newest addition to the line of top fashion accessories. They speak loudly that you care for the environment, are trendy and have a unique style. Forget about making sure you wear the right watch for the right occasion and invest in a Seventh watch that will provide you with a valuable complement to an already killer look rather than a ball and chain in that race for the ultimate in coolness. Read on to find out all you need to know about making your fashion step up to the mark rather than falling for clichés.

The world of watch collectors

There are many reasons for buying a watch. It can be because you are a busy guy and simply need to know the time without taking out your cell phone. It can be because you love the way a watch looks on you. It can also be a status symbol exclaiming to the world just how healthy your finances are, or it may be just because you are a true connoisseur and love watches as expensive collectors’ items that can be accumulated, purchased and sold.

Watch collectors are like any other enthusiast in the world, they take the connoisseur concept ten steps further into geek land. They know everything about builders, factories, years, specs and, more than anything, market value. Having said that, if we consider what ‘geek land’ might look like, we could be forgiven for thinking that only fat dudes with horrible shirts and big-fat glasses collect them, but that is not the case. Some of the most famous watch collectors are John Mayer, Sylvester Stallone, Eric Clapton, Brad Pitt, Charlie Sheen, and Jay-Z among many others.

The most expensive timepieces tend to be linked to a various different era in the history of watch-making and, as a result, attract a vintage value.

What wooden watches achieved was to start a revolution that seriously affected price tags and didn’t come here to compete with the golden era of watch-making but to make their bid for a better future for all mankind. Watches by Seventh are made by companies that care about the environment but also love trendy, fashionable wares. Let´s take a closer look at them.

Sports Watches

These pieces have two principle qualities: endurance and specs. They are designed for sporty people and have many important and relevant features like chronometer and timer, and newer models also have a smart capability that will let you trace the progress that you make in your work out sessions. Other features include heart-rate meters and GPS capability. Sports watches have to be extremely resilient, and hence, they look kind of big and ‘plastic-y’. You shouldn´t expect to see any leather or metal attached to a sports watch, but a lot of durable and sweat-free materials like neoprene.

They come in vivid colors just like the bright, fluorescent tones of the latest incarnation of the Casio G-Shock. They have two significant disadvantages though: They are utterly common and made of the most environmentally damaging materials available, including rubber and plastic. How can you possibly be the flagship of change while wearing a sports watch? Well, you can. The Seventh Emeth and the Seventh Ethos are perfect examples of watches that are light-weight, have some amazing sports capabilities, like single and dual chronographs,  and are also extremely durable. The wood is specially treated so that it is soft on the skin and is resistant to moisture damage.

If sports watches are your thing, with these Seventh timepieces you can make a loud and clear statement as the trendiest person to walk into your gym.

Everyday Watches

Everyday watches is a category that includes those timepieces that you might wear to work every day and they need to be as comfortable as they are durable and trendy. Some of the watches by companies like Seventh, for example, the Mozen model, are the perfect blend of smart looks, light-weight construction, and exceptional craftsmanship. Next time you are at a business meeting and everybody notices the watch you have on your wrist, you will be the one person in the room that inspires the most communication as you make your statement of individuality.

This quality of character in the business world can truly open more doors for you than flashing a gold Rolex from the sleeve of your shirt. Such an attitude will set you right amongst the wannabe employees who simply want to dress to impress their bosses, and that’s definitely not where you want to be. Your timepiece of choice should be the Mozen. It’s crafted from Zebra wood and ebony which are two very different colors of wood; one being a very light wood while the other is deep and dark. This means that you can just combine it with whatever you´re wearing at the time and you will still be the top fashion icon occupying your business space.

If you wear a watch to work every day, why not do it in style and stand out from the crowd as someone who is bold, unique and different? Dare to wear the Mozen by Seventh watches.

Fine and Unique Watches

This is a category in which wooden watches from brands like Seventh are gaining good ground. When we talk about “fine and unique” watches, you might think about something like an antique or a very strange timepiece found in a curiosity shop in distant Asia. There have been some iconic pieces throughout the history of movies from Back to the Future´s Casio Databank to Sean Connery´s James Bond Rolex Submariner. Those particular timepieces have a lot to say about the person wearing them and, make no mistake about it, your watch makes a loud and clear statement about who you are. For example, wearing a gold-and-silver Rolex like Christian Bale´s American Psycho character makes a statement about acquisitive power, ambition, and social status.

But is that the impression you want to give to the world? That you are just another rich person with no conscience for ecology and no taste for making the right purchasing decision? There is an alternative, a wooden one and it’s called Thrásos. It is a watch made by Seventh and comes in a unique, square shape that can be quite the eye-catcher. It is made of dark sandalwood, which is a type of wood that is usually reserved for rituals and has a deep meaning for millennial cultures such as India and most of Asia. This watch can really work for THAT occasion where you want to show off a little. The best part of that showing off is that it will not cost you all your savings since it is a watch you can secure for less than $400.

The thing with fine and unique timepieces is that buying them can result in an epic win or an epic fail. There are big brands with which you can´t go wrong like Rolex, but they will cost you a lot of money and there are also various other factors to consider, such as authenticity, market price, and intellect. There is only one thing worse than someone with bad taste: someone with bad taste and a lot of money. You can definitely make the wrong impression besides losing a lot of money on a timepiece that is just not worth it. Going for the wooden alternative and buying your next fine watch from Seventh will make the difference you desire without breaking the bank account. Making your mark as debonair and daring is always much more satisfying than the worth of the average nouveau-riche.

Classic watches are the best accessory for complementing the fancy dress. In fact, you can shout out to the world that you are an all-around classy person by combining the coolest wooden watch with a great outfit. In fact, Seventh also offers the Skylar which is a quality timepiece made of really dark and textured ebony that will look amazing with the more elegant outfits while remaining trendy and bold.

If you want to make a fine, classy statement from your wrist, don´t break the bank, just go to Seventh watches and choose the timepiece that you would most enjoy showing off on a Saturday night.


Wearing a watch is always a classic way of demonstrating to the rest of the world just who you are. Sports watches are an awesome addition to your colorful running clothes. Everyday watches are great for business activities and to enable you to keep your phone in your pocket or backpack. Fine and unique watches are more refined and play a crucial role in finishing off a classy outfit. Don´t be afraid of standing out of the crowd by accessorizing with a quality watch, especially a wooden one. You can go to the Seventh page right now and pick the ones that take your fancy and wear each one to the right occasion. Let them enhance your style and make your own individual statement.

Being classy is fine, setting the trend is awesome. Seventh watches are just that, the trend-setters for the modern watch-lovers in the world.

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