Celebrities Set the Trends for Wristwatch Success

Celebrities Set the Trends for Wristwatch Success

Being a celebrity can often be a heavy burden. Celebrities are under the ever watching and scrutinizing eyes of fans and paparazzi hoping to catch a glimpse of the one person whose talent and hard work placed them at the top of their industries.

To quote Spiderman, “With great rewards, comes great responsibilities.” And every celebrity; whether actor, athlete, or entertainer has reaped the rewards of their fame, but also felt the pressure of responsibility that also co-exists.

However, multiple industries accidentally or purposefully exploit celebrity notoriety by seeking the endorsement of their brand or product by a start who is influencing millions of people with their choices, on a daily basis. Fans who idolize their favorite celebrities will seek to mimic their styles and attitudes by purchasing similar products they witness their favorite stars donning.

Luxury watch companies have had their share of celebrity endorsers for decades. However, a new trend among a wide range of celebrities has influenced the resurgence of wearing and collecting wristwatches, especially vintage watches.

Wearing a Wristwatch Represents

Most wristwatches have always maintained a luxury aura about them. A lot of things can be determined by a person who is wearing a watch. For the person choosing to wear a wristwatch, this outer accessory is an expression of one’s style, personality, and status.

The overall, popular perception and conclusion about people who wear wristwatches are that they tend to be more successful in life. Furthermore, people who wear watches are believed to leave professional impressions, are suitable for the business world, display an appreciation for high quality, are appreciated in the Global Market, and maintain a high fashion sense.

With these preconceptions about wristwatch wearers in place, is it any wonder they are making such a trend-setting comeback and that so many of our favorite actors, athletes, and entertainers are paving the way?

Wristwatches and Actors

Prior to product endorsement being big business, watches made it television and movies via the aid of prop designers and wardrobe decisions. Off the screen, watch companies, like every other label, will gift actors with their product to wear at one of their many red-carpet events. These gala-type occasions make actor brand (including watch brands) partnerships fairly easy and successful.

The increased desire for many of these watch brands has made mass collectors, including some serious on-screen collectors as well. Some classic, big screen, iconic collectors who quickly realized the value of these timeless works of art include Humphrey Bogart, Steve McQueen, and Marlon Brando.

Modern day actors that are avid watch wearers, collectors, and endorsers include Matt Damon, Sylvester Stallone, Mark Wahlberg, Robert Downey Jr. Hugh Jackman, John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Orlando Bloom, and Leonardo De Caprio.

Wristwatches and Athletes

Luxury wristwatches have finessed the professional sports world by sponsoring sports tournaments with high viewing demand such as The Olympics. Moreover, by embracing athlete/ watch ambassadorships has helped see an increase in luxury watch sales.

Top celebrity athlete ambassadors include avid watch collector Lebron James, Rafael Nadal, and Dwayne Wade.

Other athletes who display their individual style and sophistication by displaying unique wristwatches are Serena Williams, David Beckman, Tom Brady and Tiger Woods.

Wristwatches and Entertainers

As mentioned earlier, frequently wristwatches are associated with status or even excess of wealth. This is no clearly seen than in the area of celebrity entertainers and their relationship with wristwatches. No other celebrity subgroup displays such a gross excess of their wealth than with their relationship and even ambassadorship with wristwatches.

John Mayer, for example, must really have a passion for accessory timepieces. His collection of unusual watches has been estimated in the tens of millions.

The rap star, Jay-Z gave a personalized shootout to a watch company about how many of their watches he owns, in one of his more popular songs, as a very vocal demonstration of how much he's worth.

Jay-Z’s wife Beyoncé is equally guilty and comedian Kevin Hart has been known to flash his wealth around equally.

The Vintage Trend

Other celebrities wear watches to express their personal style; for example, the Vintage Watch is a huge Trend making a big splash in celebrity circles.

Other words that have been used to accurately define or describe vintage are retro, classic, old-school, and antique. However, when one thinks of antique, it usually implies an item is over 100 years old. That is not the case with Vintage. In most cases, when something is described as vintage, it is being defined as anywhere between 25- 50 years old.

However, age really isn’t the most important determining factor when deciding if something is vintage. For most people, when someone calls something vintage, it is because that item holds a piece of history within it. 

Before buying vintage-

  • Knowledge is Power – Before investing big bucks in a vintage piece, do some research. Educate yourself on the model and brand you are interested in. Evaluate the serial numbers and look up as much data as possible. This will help in your piece of mind, plus it will add in the resale value. Also, you can like a piece because of its charm and style and not because of its name brand.
  • Reliable Sales Source -Even though a vintage piece may seem like a less expensive, good buy, prior to purchasing one should ensure that all parts are in working order and that the watch won’t need servicing the second it is out the door.
  • Patina– The entire point to buying vintage is buying something with history, or that tells a story, something with character… or patina. For a watch to have a vintage look, it shouldn’t be too polished or too “new” looking, and it should definitely have a special quality about it.

Hollywood Fans of Vintage Wristwatches

It should come as no surprise that 007, Daniel Craig is a huge fan and collector of Vintage watches, alongside top A-lister Brad Pitt. Bradley Cooper defines vintage in his own way, saying that vintage watches should be timeless, elegantly functional, and flexible.

Most vintage timepiece collectors have their own determining factors as to what helps them consider a piece vintage. However, Ellen DeGeneres, Adam Levine, and Ed Sheeran all agree that the “Paul Newman-model Daytona circa 1960, in which each of them owns, is definitely vintage and super trendy.

Seventh Watches certainly fit the criteria for any celebrity to get behind. They have patina, are backed by a reliable sales source, have a list of amazing attributes, are amazingly stylish, super global aware, hot and trendy, and everything the top hot actor, athlete, or entertainer could want in the next best watch design. Start wearing yours today!

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