Choose The Correct Wooden Watch To Match Your Personality

Choose The Correct Wooden Watch To Match Your Personality

Wooden watches are the latest fashion trend that has swept across generations and geographies. These watches are not only highly stylish and classy, but they are also extremely affordable and environment-friendly.

The wooden watches range from Seventh Watches features various shapes and styles for one to choose from. Each of these watches is handcrafted to match a certain standard and expectation. So, when you can make a choice you need to be sure that it is truly the one meant for you.

This blog will help you decide in picking the wooden watch that is meant for your personality. We will explore the four primary personalities that people like to carry in today’s world and discuss the watch that can truly help compliment that personality.

So, let’s get started!

For the aggressive go-getter

Men and women who like to dress sharp need accessories that are crafted with precision. The ‘Emeth: Truth’ model is one such piece. The hardwood colored dial with the mixed colored strap provides a standout look while also ensuring that it fits perfectly on your wrist. You have protruding knobs for the various functions and these once again help serve a similar purpose.

The watch in itself carries a unique and strong statement, which coupled with a strong personality can be best self-one can present. If you are looking for a watch that can help ensure the presence of your fashion statement is established, at first sight, this is definitely the model for you.

For the corporate king

Professionalism is perhaps the ultimate personality trait that exists in the 21st century. And to ensure that your shiny black tux feel is not ruined by any untoward piece of accessory, the ‘Genesis: Begin’ unisex model, and the ‘Arete: Virtue’ women’s model, and the ‘Ethos: Belief’ are the best picks.

Both these models provide an essence of calm while also ensuring the sharpness is provided in plenty. Featuring small dials with standout designs, deep cut wooden feel, and highly detailed straps; these are the perfect watches to rock at your professional space. You get the choice between the lighter shades and the jet black models, all of which carry the wooden essence.

For the one who worships knowledge

There still exists a plentiful lot who have decided to not enter the world of briefcases and tuxedos. If you are someone who still takes to the pages of a book over the latest smart tablet, we have the perfect piece for your wrist, the ‘Mozen: balance’.

Much like its name, the structure of the watch is highly balanced, bringing a seamless journey from the dial to the strap. The roundish essence throughout coupled with the bold strap colors provides a great diversified look. Another such model is the ‘Thrasos: Valor’, which with its square shape provides an amazing standout look.

For those who talk less and learn more

In a world that is constantly getting louder, it is important to take the back seat sometime. One’s personality needs to be important to one’s own expectations, and for this purpose, we suggest the ‘Kairos: Action’ model. The perfect brown strap provides absolute inconspicuousnessand the sharp cut round dial provides the elegance of maturity.

This is also a great choice for older men and women who have not yet lost their yearning for the latest fashion but are not ready to submit to the trend of loudness. Wear this with a regular suit or with a fancy shirt, and your evening wear should be on point.

That’s a quick rundown of the wooden watches range from Seventh Watches. Which personality type do you fall under, and are you unable to fulfill the necessary expectations of you who and what you want to be? Then hopefully you have found the answer and now you can safely make your pick from the Seventh Watches webstore.

Why choose wooden watches?

Apart from the fact that wooden watches are absolutely the greatest fashion accessories for any occasion, there are quite a few reasons as to why one should make the jump to wooden watches from regular watches.

These watches are absolutely environment-friendly, something that the regular watch industry does not pertain to. Not only are the leather and metal watches non-biodegradables, but they also produce various by-products in the creation process that harm the environment.

On the other hand, wooden watches are not made from any component that does not match the necessary environmental regulations, and the trees that are used in making these watches are planted separately. So, when you choose to buy a wooden watch as you fashion accessory knows that you are helping make this world a better place for everyone.

Another very important very factor that makes wooden watches a great choice is that these come at amazing budget-friendly prices. While classy watches are usually into the four-figure range, these watches are lesser than half the prices of such watches, but at the same time, they do not fail to deliver the class and style.

The Seventh Watches wooden watch range is an extremely well curated and highly fashionable accessory range to choose from. There are also quite frequent sales on their website, so bagging a classy piece for an easy price is a great deal to look out for.

Choose wooden watches to fulfill your personality trait and ensure that you are the complete person you wish to be. Make your pick from the Seventh Watches range.

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