Knowledge is Freedom – Set yourself Free with Skylar on your Wrist

Knowledge is Freedom – Set yourself Free with Skylar on your Wrist

Knowledge is the ultimate freedom. The moment you believe that you can live entirely independently of others you stop learning, you stop growing, you stop developing. If you want to live a fulfilling life and achieve personal happiness, then being an eternal apprentice is the best approach. Just like the people at Seventh watches learned the art of handcrafting luxurious, beautiful and reliable timepieces that revolutionized the market, you can learn new skills and transform your life.

Read on and find out why being a perpetual scholar in life is the fastest path to freedom and synonymous with happiness.

Knowledge, the Ultimate Freedom Statement

When you lack awareness or understanding of some subjects in life, you naturally turn to others who are wiser or more knowledgeable than you are. In some cases, this can be translated into money as a result of you having to pay someone else to do the things you need done but don´t know how to do or to pass on their valuable knowledge so that you can become more capable yourself.

From Plumbers to Digital Nomads

For example, if your tap was leaking and you didn´t know how to fix it, you would have to call a plumber. That would cost you money and also time because you might have to stay at home waiting for them to come and fix it for you. This is a very small and quotidian example of how knowledge can set you free.

Another example is the internet. People who were born before the age of online communication will be aware that those who possessed valuable, pertinent knowledge in the past were the ones who created bottle-necks on the information highway and would trickle titbits to the rest of the world as it suited them. This practice was incredibly common and as a result, these ‘information owners’, such as the huge communications and media companies, book-sellers, and TV stations became the essential communicators of everything that was happening in the world. Now, that paradigm has shifted, and the information is much more accessible through social media, such as YouTube and other platforms. These developments have set many people free, in fact, there are many people learning and making a living from the internet and its associated resources right now.

What we now term ‘digital nomads’ are modern-day information owners who have set themselves free thanks to the internet.

Freedom at all Levels

Freedom that comes from knowledge ranges from our simple previous example of the plumbing situation right up to the way entire societies rely on the education of a relatively small minority, and the growing number of digital nomads (expected to be one billion by the year 2035). This is exactly why the ultimate in freedom is to acquire as much knowledge as you can. Here are some of the categories to which this principle applies:


The more you know at work, the more likely you are to have more freedom than your colleagues and co-workers. How so? Because your knowledge of one or more topics at work will mean that you can act in an informed manner without having to depend on others. This will build your reputation of being a sound decision-maker and will set you free to follow your destiny straight to the top.


Most of us wish that families came with a user guide to teach us exactly what to do in every situation. Unfortunately, they don´t, but there is a great deal of information out there about how to better navigate the myriad of family problems. Again, knowledge gained and applied at the right time is freedom in the long term.


The more you know about your friends, the more you will understand them, be better able to respond to their needs, and have an improved relationship with them. Knowledge will help to free you from any unnecessary problems arising with those around you.

The Desire for knowledge

Knowledge is freedom, but it takes the effort to build up knowledge. Reflecting on the case of the Seventh watches we mentioned earlier, they overcame a range of challenges and steadily developed their knowledge and experience to finally arrive at the quality products they now produce. This was the reasoning behind designing the SKYLAR watch, which is a timepiece created to remind people who wear it that being scholarly is very important, a lifetime of learning.

The desire for knowledge is exactly that, the fuel we need to encourage us to:  

  • Firstly, accept that we have gaps in our knowledge and understanding of certain topics.
  • Secondly, learn what is needed to fill that gap in our knowledge and takes steps to remedy it as soon as practical.

One of the key objectives of this beautiful timepiece by Seventh is to remind us daily to stay humble and keep learning.

Most of us are stuck in life because of the lack of desire

The lack of desire to keep learning has many drawbacks in life and it creates a domino effect that impacts on the way we perform in many areas.

Lack of knowledge

This is a direct consequence of our lack of desire to keep on learning. If you stop learning, the world keeps moving ahead, so you don’t just stand still, you fall behind. Your stagnant knowledge fails to set you free. Regularly looking at your SKYLAR reminds you how crucial it is to keep on learning.

Lack of vision

Another direct consequence of the lack of desire for knowledge is the lack of vision. If you don´t know about a subject or ponder on it, you can never project thoughts or ideas about it. Your SKYLAR will definitely change that.

Lack of purpose

This is a very common characteristic, especially amongst today´s youth. Failing to recognize your options prevents you from developing a vision for your future and basically, you end up not knowing where you are going. That lack of purpose and vocation in life can so easily foster a sense of being completely lost.

Conclusion – Keep your desire for knowledge, wear your SKYLAR

Wearing a quality watch on your left wrist encompasses the integrity of a company that maintained its desire for knowledge and developed unique timepieces in a world filled with copies and remakes. This is a gentle but timely reminder of how we must be humble to be happy. Being an eternal apprentice of life might just be the secret to fulfillment, affection, love, success and beautiful memories. Wear your SKYLAR proudly and be the best ever student of life.


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