Rock the World with Handcrafted Wooden Timepieces

Rock the World with Handcrafted Wooden Timepieces

Watches, once used to be a must-have style accessory, have taken a backseat in this era of smartphones and wearables. Still, when it comes to making a style-statement, an exquisite timepiece is, even today, is a go-to accessory for classy individuals.

So what kind of watches are setting a trend in today's glamorous world of high-fashion? Sports watches, racing watches, and wrist chronometers, be it a $100 piece, or a $5000, they look all the same.

High-end wrist watches are sterile, generic, and perfectly boring. Wooden timepieces, on the other hand, add a touch of style and elegance, with an earthy, unique twist. Whether you are a nature lover, an outdoor enthusiast, a business magnate, or a trendsetter. handcrafted wood watches look great on any wrist. If being stylish is something you live for, then sporting a swanky wooden watch will showcase your bold sense of fashion to the world.Ā 

There are countless reasons to invest in an exclusive, eco-friendly wooden timepiece. Here are some of the best ones -

A Priceless Accessory That Makes You Stand Out from the Crowd

Irrespective of which gender you belong to, your watch tells a myriad of things about the person that you are. By looking at the machine that sits on your wrist, people can easily guess your lifestyle, status, attitude, and the style you are into.

You can use your smartphone to see the time, but as far as making an impact is concerned, nothing can match the strong and candid appeal of a high-toned timepiece. Among all watches, a wood watch, for instance, the ones crafted by SEVENTH, gives you the much-desired chicness, setting you apart from others.

From a visual aspect, a distinct quality of wooden timepieces is, no two wood watches are similar. One wood watch differs from the other in color, texture, and feel, which adds a tinge of uniqueness to your attitude and attire.

What's more? A wooden timepiece is a prized possession that goes well with every mood, every occasion, and every dress. This means you don't have to spend a fortune to fill up your wardrobe with watches. It's astonishing to see how a fine-featured wooden timepiece gracefully brightens your overall look and fires up your personality.

A Sustainable Trend

The question is, are wooden timepieces here to stay? Or is it, like many other past trends, this trend will also fade away? Since, in the fashion world, change is the only constant, it won't be wise to forecast on a particular style trend, but from available data, it is certain that the demand for wood watches will take off soon. It has been observed that the popularity of wooden wristwatches witnessed an upsurge over the last decade and a half.

However, even though the wood watch trend has been around for some time now, its adoption has been limited to a select few. What's interesting is, the demand is increasing at a steady pace without showing any signs of slowing down.

This can be easily gauged from search volume data, collected by analysts from popular search engines. The significant uptrend can be primarily attributed to celebrated fashion designers, who are making wooden timepieces a fashionable option for style-savvy people.

Now, with new designs and styles flooding the market, the wood watch craze is expected to sustain for many years to come.

A Trendsetting Blend of Class, Style, and Ruggedness

Showing concern for nature and the environment is the latest trend in fashion streets around the world. Especially when the world is suffocating under ever-increasing mounds of solid waste, your fashion accessories should make a statement that strengthens your position as an ardent lover of nature and everything natural.

Wooden wrist watches can connect your everyday life to nature, while combining unparalleled stylishness with old-world charm.

The unusual intermix of style and natural ruggedness gives handcrafted wood watches a classic look, making these state-of-the-art timepieces a great addition to your wardrobe.

A Cost-Effective Choice

Despite the fact that most wooden timepieces are handcrafted, stylish, and durable, they are considerably less expensive than other watches on the market. For instance, a robust design made of natural wood, offered by wooden timepiece maker SEVENTH, costs as low as $149. Although SEVENTH wood watches portray luxury at its best, the timepieces come with price tags that are pretty much affordable.

Available in different sizes, designs, and price points, SEVENTH wood watches allow you to pick a style that meets your need and fits your budget. Affordability is the primary factor that is enabling accelerated adoption of this deluxe accessory. It's only a matter of time before the popularity of wooden timepieces turns into a phenomenon.

Wooden Timepieces Incorporate a Long History of Rich Culture and Tradition

The fifth anniversary, according to Western marriage anniversary custom, requires a gift that is made out of wood. While there are hundreds of items made from wood, choosing a gift for your husband or wife that is chic, voguish, and on-trend can be an arduous task.

But now, with the growing presence of high-class wood watches, you can celebrate your fifth anniversary in style, with something that you and your descendants can treasure for generations to come.

Know What You Are Buying

Like any other product, do a little bit of research before buying a wooden timepiece, as the market is full of wood watches made from cheap, low-grade materials. Since style and status both matter in today's world, it is recommended to opt for reputed brands like SEVENTH, which has decades of experience in producing masterfully crafted wood watches that would easily qualify as a work of art.

Ensuring pristine luxury, SEVENTH's handcrafted wooden timepieces are backed by a warranty and after-sales support.

More About Industry-Leading Wood Watchmaker SEVENTH

The name SEVENTH comes from the number seven, which represents completion and perfection. SEVENTH believes that perfection is depicted in its true form when we are our authentic selves. This is why SEVENTH wood watches carry intrinsic human values, such as Truth, Valor, Ethos, Honor, Action, Balance, and Bold, inspiring you to live the purpose of your life.

No special occasion, outfit, or event, is complete without an exclusive timepiece, blended with wood and creativity. Besides choosing from SEVENTH's popular wood watch designs, you can also consider obtaining a custom-made wooden timepiece for yourself or your loved ones.

Every time you buy a SEVENTH watch, you are contributing to a worthy cause, as a minimum of 10 percent of the profit goes to enriching the lives of people who are less fortunate.


The Booming Trend of Wooden Timepieces Is Indeed a Reality

According to data revealed in various studies, the ever-growing popularity of wood watches will meet and exceed industry expectations, expanding the market to a great degree. A positive aspect is the world's rising awareness of environmentally-friendly products, which is playing a crucial role in boosting opportunities. In addition, consumers are increasingly leaning towards wood-made timepieces, due to their uniqueness and long-lasting nature.


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