Luxury Wood Watches by SEVENTH - Wear Your Personality

Luxury Wood Watches by SEVENTH - Wear Your Personality

With its history of existence dating back to 10,000 years, wood is, without a doubt, one of the world's most long-standing materials. Humans, since time immemorial, have used wood to make dwellings, weapons, tools, and a variety of household items.

For decades, celebrated artisans used this super-durable material to craft fascinating pieces, showcased in renowned art galleries around the world.

In recent years, many accessories, in the form of belts to jewelry, and eyewear, are being developed from wood, but the paramount achievement, nevertheless, is the face and band of wooden wrist watches. 

Fine watchmakers like SEVENTH are redefining the use of wood as a medium for wrist watches, handcrafting new styles, impressive enough to be termed as a piece of art. The environmental-conscious company designs its luxury wood watches from reclaimed or recycled wood, sourced from auction centers and furniture factories. A resource-saving initiative started by SEVENTH, this prevents the wasteful destruction of time-tested, quality wood that ensures superior sustainability.

What separates a handcrafted wooden timepiece, from a normal watch, is the sense of exclusiveness attached to wood. The variety of nature is limitless when it comes to wood grain, which, depending on the species of tree, varies in direction, color, shape, and width. This is why no two SEVENTH watches are identical, adding a touch of uniqueness to your personality.  

Get Ready to Embrace Rarity

No matter how expensive your watch might be, anyone can order exactly the same product as yours. But considering the characteristics of wood, handcrafted wooden watches are totally unique pieces, impossible to replicate.

In this era of copycat products, a wooden timepiece gives you the opportunity to drape your wrist with something unique, which often becomes the center of attention and admiration.

The Bleeding-Edge SEVENTH Wood Watches Are Classy and Contemporary

Be it formal, casual, or ultramodern, whatever your style is, SEVENTH wood watches give you the extra-punch that most people crave for, but fail to attain in terms of making a fashion statement that stands out from the crowd.

Wondering where the name SEVENTH came from? The makers of SEVENTH wood watches believe that number seven represents perfection, and perfection is heightened when we are our true selves. This is why every SEVENTH watch incorporates a human value, enabling you to wear your personality and live the purpose of your life.  

The trendsetting SEVENTH wood watch series include –

Mozen: Balance

Mozen, meaning balance to excel, is made of premium-grade Zebrawood, characterized by light brown color with blackish brown streaks, resembling zebra stripes.

The luxury wood watch inspires you to strike a balance between personal, professional, and social fronts while making decisions that matter. There has to be some sort of balance to make the right decisions, and without balance, life is utter chaos.

Kairos: Action

In life, you must develop a sense of urgency and take actions that will push you towards your goals. Success is connected with action, and to infuse action into your life, SEVENTH designed the Kairos, encouraging you to keep moving without getting distracted by failures or difficulties that life presents you. Made from high-class sandalwood, the state-of-the-art Kairos wood watch motivates you to ACT now, without waiting for things to happen. Make your hope. Make your future. Take ACTION now, and make it happen.

Áxios: Honor

SEVENTH understands that honor is something that we all strive for. To honor your life, and to give the respect you deserve, SEVENTH created the Áxios timepiece, handcrafted from top-quality sandalwood. 

The breathtaking Áxios wood watch is like true honor. It is not something that you take with you. It is the class and heritage that you leave behind.

Skylar: Scholar

The core essence of genuine scholarship is originality. The finely-textured Skylar timepiece, crafted from dense-black ebony wood, reflects originality in its true form. 

Scholars aspire to gain knowledge. Scholars are never finished. Scholars are always seeking, just like the Skylar, which seeks to awaken your desire for knowledge that makes you shine in every aspect of your life. 

Arete: Virtue

Arete by SEVENTH is designed for individuals who prefer to live life with moral integrity, firm and enduring like the Bamboo, one of the most unique plants on earth that symbolize virtue.

The Arete wooden timepiece, made from strong bamboo wood, helps you walk through the convoluted maze of life with your head held high, emboldening you to stand for truth, and against everything that is wrong. 

Azaz: Strong

The elegant and stylish Azaz wood watch, sporting an exquisite mix of Ebony and Zebrawood, fuels your strength to succeed in everything you do.

The sublime Azaz timepiece, offered by SEVENTH, inspires you to reach down deep within yourself to find your inner strength when you feel stuck at life's crossroads.

SEVENTH Wood Watches Are All Natural, Non-Toxic, and Chemical-Free

In today's world, we are all surrounded by toxic elements like synthetic fabric, treated leather, and deadly plastic products.

When you add a little bit of wood in your everyday life, in the form of a wooden timepiece, you establish a connection with the natural world, even in an urban, concrete jungle filled with artificial things.

The best-in-class SEVENTH wood watches, handcrafted by skilled artisans with nontoxic materials and chemical-free finishes, ensure that the wooden timepieces you buy do not involve any health hazard. We cannot control the environment around us, but we can make sure to carry a stylish piece of wood watch that adds good things to life. 

How Do You Blend a SEVENTH Wood Watch With Your Outfit?

The SEVENTH wood watch, depending on your preferred style and choice of wood grain, can work magic with a business suit as well as a pair of weekend jeans.

The handcrafted wooden timepieces are ideal for every occasion and event, though natural-finish wood watches work fine with garments that have more texture, for instance, knits and corduroy. The key is to keep things minimal, like pairing the watches with neutrals or monochromatic outfits, for the much-needed chic vibe.

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