What Sets Wooden Watches Apart From The Crowd

What Sets Wooden Watches Apart From The Crowd

Watches used to be the most technological accessory that a man could wear a couple of centuries ago, but since the invention of smartphones and such, they have turned, almost exclusively, into a status symbol. That being said, the choice of watch speaks volumes about who you are, what you like and, most importantly, what you stand for in this world. Wooden watches are a necessary option in an ecologically endangered world; plus, they are very trendy and come in a range of fashionable designs and colors. Read on to find out why the world, and you, need to change your wrist fashion to wooden watches today.  

Living in Equilibrium

This is a common motto for the wisest of ancient populations throughout the history of the world. Trying to live in equilibrium with nature and everything surrounding us gets harder every day primarily due to human behavior. The choice is ours to become part of the problem or part of the solution.

The Metal Industry

The processes of retrieving some of the metals used in manufacturing regular watches are damaging, dangerous and polluting. The mining industry has been working relentlessly to avoid the most damaging techniques and has been systematically relocating their operations around the world because of the depletion of natural resources and also government resolutions that ban high-scale pollution, especially involving open mines. We, as a species, are not so far away from completely depleting some of the natural resources with which our planet was originally endowed.

The jewelry and watches industry has been a long-time consumer of these natural resources, and its history can be traced back thousands of years. These efforts to find precious metals and sell them for money have led to all kinds of outrageous human behavior from killing and stealing to polluting and persistent transience. With some of the newest marketing techniques and technological advances, the largest mining and metal-utilizing companies have managed to cloak the wearing of sizeable metal watches and accessories in a veil of ‘coolness,’ but the downside of resourcing this industry has always been the same - dangerous mining.

The Plastic Industry

As we all know, plastic is a derivative of petroleum. It is a flexible material that has been used to create or contain countless consumable products that we use as part of our daily lives, and then we attempt to dispose of them. Plastic has several advantages such as flexibility, affordability, and availability that have made it the favorite of most industries.

What is the perfect product to use in combination with a plastic watch? A rubber band. Rubber is the product that results from heavily processing plant material utilizing large amounts of water, electricity and artificial chemicals. Some of the most damaging impacts this process has had on our planet are the depositing of waste into water effluents and the depletion of underwater reservoirs in some regions. The rubber industry has faced many problems, and challenges as environmental activists have tried to reduce its impact on the world´s ecological balance.

The Alternative

The metal industry had been the choice for watch manufacturing for centuries, and these timepieces can be seen in all kinds of incarnations like gold, silver, titanium and many others. In fact, the rarity and the degree of difficulty in obtaining certain watches will be dependent on the type of metal employed in its manufacture. This will also be reflected in the higher price of the piece and the status level it represents. What most people don´t realize is what had to take place for that luxury item to reach their wrists. If they understood exactly where the metal came from and what toll was taken to extract it from the earth, perhaps they wouldn´t be so proud of exhibiting it on their wrists.

For plastic and rubber pieces, the principle is the same; the base products come from the use and abuse of natural-grown materials using highly-pollutant chemicals that are often then carelessly fed into regular water streams.

The resistance to these abuses of our natural resources is already growing, as it once did with real fur coats and the ecological activists who challenged the practices that led to their production. People are beginning to understand that the destructive path that the world is following cannot be sustained for much longer without causing significant and irreparable damage. This conscious, pro-ecological decision-making philosophy has reached the world of the humble watch, and as a result, more sustainable elements have been utilized in the crafting of these fine pieces. This is the road that leads us to the more acceptable alternative path of utilizing non-pollutant materials such as wood.

Wooden Watches

Wooden watches are the ideal alternative for a less-polluted or even pollution-free world in a relatively short timeframe. These beautifully crafted timepieces have been around for some time now and have been increasingly modified to reach the highest standards in both performance and appearance. Wooden watches are one response to a population that is concerned about the health and well-being of the planet and yet still wants to look good. Let´s take a look at some of the benefits these watches provide for today´s trendsetting men and women.

Wooden Watches are Ecologically Friendly

This is not only an inherent characteristic of the piece; it is a statement that you, the owner, makes to those around you. Not only are you taking care of the environment and showing that you promote a better world, but you are also acting as an ambassador for the rest of the population. You may be lighting the spark of awareness for those who didn´t know these watches existed or that they were any good. There are lots of myths about what is traditionally a “good watch,” but nowadays, wooden watches have no comparison; they take care of the environment while looking awesome.

Wooden Watches are Rare and Trendy

There is a famous scene in the movie Gone in sixty seconds in which the main character, played by Nicholas Cage, tries to persuade a Ferrari salesman that buying another top-of-the-line, a modern car will only make him a snob, but a good, old car will turn him into a connoisseur. That same principle can be applied to the world of watches. You might have the newest incarnation of the Apple Watch or even a golden Rolex, but it might just be the same as everyone else’s ‘Apple Watch’ or ‘Rolex’ at the party. Wooden watches are trendy pieces, they look great and have a distinct appeal that shouts out to those around you who you are and what you stand for. Sometimes being trendy is more about being bold enough to be different and looking good while doing so, than wearing the latest thing you saw in a magazine.

Wooden Watches are Hypoallergenic and Nickel-free

Wooden watches contain some elements that are not wood like glass and some tiny metal parts, but they are mostly made out of suitably selected and treated wood. Most back plates of regular watches are made of nickel or some derivative of it. If you happen to be allergic to this material, you will have a visible skin reaction almost immediately. This will never happen with a wooden watch since they are nickel-free and all the parts that are in contact with your skin are made completely out of wood.

Wooden Watches Companies Plant Trees and are Eco-responsible

Many think that for every tree that was felled to make watches, furniture or any other wood-related goods, an ancient forest loses a piece forever. This is far from the truth since most wooden watches are made from ecological forestation that is planted for industrial purposes and is not considered an ecosystem in itself. Also, many companies involved in the manufacture and sale of wooden watches commit to planting or donating a tree for every watch sold. This is important because of the more living and breathing trees in the world, the higher the levels of CO2 processing and the more oxygen the planet has for sustaining life.

We Need Wooden Watches

Fostering the wooden watches trend is not only a fashion statement but also a conscious decision to contribute to a better world. You are faced with the choice of continuing down the metal, plastic and rubber watches line knowing all the damage those pricey goods make to the environment; or you can choose a better world and be an ambassador for change.

Wearing wooden watches is a statement. You are showing that you care, that you love and respect your planet and also that you can empathize with others. We need more wooden wristwatches to reduce pollution and live a better life in a better world.


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