The True Watch Trend: Steampunk

The True Watch Trend: Steampunk

Hollywood cinemas started this trendy gothic 19th-century fashion revival which has been coined as Steampunk with such cinematic hits like Wild Wild West, Van Helsing, The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, and the latest Mortal Engines. 

One of the signature representations of every steampunk outfit is the various timepiece faces that adorn outfits from top hats to bodices to men’s belt straps. Watch faces make the quintessential steampunk outfit, and the steampunk craze is here to stay. This fashion trend has hit runways and been the theme for every kind of party and occasion imaginable including wedding venues and board meetings as a way to broaden horizons in creative ways.

Seventh Watches has always stated that their watches are perfect for every event, and with a trend that pinpoints the importance of the timepiece, we even have a selection that will be the perfect accompaniment for whatever steampunk ensemble you create.


If you’re still unsure about what steampunk is exactly, we’re going to break it down for you. It is a subgenre of science fiction that includes the historical setting typical of that of the Victorian Era but includes a mixture of steam-powered machinery as an alternative to advanced technology. It is a combination of anachronistic history, fantasy and science fiction. Imagine the Victorian Era propelled forward with steam propelled gears and gadgets instead of ever meeting the worlds of gas and petroleum.

Romantic authors of earlier time periods who helped lend to this futuristic viewpoint and terminology include H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, and Mary Shelley. These authors wrote about settings in futuristic societies evolving with the incorporation of steam in advanced inventions and visionary machinery that have later become the background and props for the Steampunk movement. The revolutionary ideas of the past have become the trend-setting ideas of our present.

Why Watches are Steampunk?

Watches are the symbol of Steampunk fashion because the first watches were mechanical, not battery operated. Once wound, a spring and movement and quality of watch ensured the watch kept time. Quartz watches had the ticking sound accompanying it, but the mechanical watch was soundless. People found the appeal in daily winding their watch for accurate timeless timekeeping. These luxury items were the height of the Victorian fashion Era and have crossed over as a symbolic representation of the Steampunk fashion as well.

Steampunk watches are traditionally made from stainless steel and leather and include extra face features including a chronograph or stopwatch, multifunction subdial, date display, moon phase indicator, alarm, or tachymeter which measure distances traveled by a vehicle. This is why we have picked the following Seventh Watches wristwatches as spectacular editions for your next steampunk event.

Seventh Watches Meet Steampunk


Even though it looks like the Father of Futuristic, Fantasy and Imagination, Mr. Walt Disney had a hand in the design of this watch, we stand by our belief that it is definitely a steampunk watch.

First, it has several of the elements of a steampunk watch including our exotic Zebrawood atop matted stainless steel and leather wristband. Furthermore, the face includes Chronograph, Stopwatch, Rattrapante, with multi-dials. Its quartz movement also falls under steampunk mechanical requirements. Not only is this the perfect Steampunk watch, but it is also the perfect Chronograph watch.

Finally, its name Ethos means Belief, and where would the steampunk world be if people for over a hundred years didn’t have the courage to believe in something fantastical and let their imaginations run wild.


Beyond the obvious love of fashion, fans love the heroes and heroines of their Romantic/Gothic novels and Steampunk movies. A shared characteristic for every Steampunk hero is to show steely courage in the face of his/her enemies. They must have a true sense of valor. One of the reasons this watch is a perfect steampunk choice, Thrásos means valor, something every hero need.

The design is equally perfect. Its unique dark sandalwood square face over stainless steel will Japanese automatic mechanics, and an additional second-hand second face. The jointed wristband adds to the mechanical look of the steampunk fashion. This very futuristic watch is the perfect accouterment for your next steampunk engagement where valor in the face of one's enemies or a little extra courage is needed.


One of the reasons the steampunk fashion trend has caught the public's attention is because of the beauty and elegance of the Victorian Era clothes. Brightly colored corsets and petticoats and high waisted trousers and top hats, when elegance and grace were at their height; it is a time period that many anarchists would love to see return or emanate.

It was also a time of adventure and boldness, of invention and creation, thus the reason we celebrate it with this subculture of steampunk. The fashions were diverse in colors, rich and deep. Our watch the Parrésia has the qualities that match both the characters and color of the steampunk genre.

Parrésia means Bold, and where would the world be in reality or science fiction without the boldness of its leaders to have faith in their ideas to set them in motion.

Moreover, the characteristics of the Parrésia are perfectly steampunk.  It derives its multi-colored, jointed, mechanical-like band from multiple kinds of wood including; Zebrawood, Ebony, Sandalwood, Walnut, Koa and more. These colors are rich and distinguished and will match the deep brocades and silks of the Victorian Era.

The face is black ebony on top of stainless steel and includes a unique date and day of the week reminder, also typical of steampunk watches. Its quartz mechanism makes it further idyllic for your role-playing, bold, distinguished look.

The steampunk fashion trend has taken the world by storm. Even middle-aged, mother of 3, suburban writers have been hit by the fad and has had reason to invest in a hoopskirt and break out the sewing machine to create her own amazing Steampunk apparel (and yes, timepieces were included.) No one is beyond reproach, so since Seventh Watches are also perfect for almost every other occasion and outfit, why not try one that will help prepare you for the Steampunk revolution?

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