Wooden Watch Fashions: How to Easily Pair From Casual to Formal to Professional Attire

Wooden Watch Fashions: How to Easily Pair From Casual to Formal to Professional Attire

Seventh Watches has created the ideal fashion accessory that needs to be placed on everyone's must-have list. Granted, watches aren't a new concept; however, Seventh Watches’ wooden watches have broken the fashion industry’s molds in the creating and perfecting of timekeeping and timeless, artistic, and unique masterpieces.

One of the many boasts Seventh Watches can claim is that their timepieces are so dynamically versatile they can be worn with virtually any style, from casual, to formal, to professional attire. In this article, we have selected the six classic and beloved women's watches, described them, and displayed in detail exactly how each can be worn easily across the fashion industry. Thus, proving how adaptable to one's personal style each of these pieces of art truly is.

Azaz – Strong

The Azaz is a bold, multicolored, checkered, pattered watch, featuring the easiest to pair colors black, cream, burnt umber red, and sandalwood. 

Casual- The bold checkered pattern of the Azaz will stand out nicely with any neutral bottom and matching the accented colored top. 

Formal-True elegance will radiate in a long formal or Sarong of matching colors and a hint of pattern. You want the watch to add to the ensemble not overpower it.

Professional- When in a Professional setting, The Azaz is the perfect watch to wear to make you stand out in the crowd. Accessorize with a Chocolate suit, and let the watch show your audience your hidden Strong side.

Arete -Virtue

Simple in design, and extremely fashionable, the Arete features a bamboo face and an intricately patterned cork band. The neural, light, tan colors make it an easy pairing option for all occasions.

Casual- Wearing Neutral Colors even with hints of rose and a wide-brimmed hat will casually add to the playfulness and simplistic virtue of any woman wearing the Arete Wooden watch. 

Formal – When wearing the Arete for a formal occasion, you want to show your Virtue by sticking with the neutrals and going with a T-length hemline. Anything longer or shorter will look out of place. 

Professional – The Light Green of this flattering skirt Business Suit will naturally accentuate the Bamboo and Cork materials of the Arete.


If you are a fan of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the classic, and stylish form of the Skyline will thrill you. Black ebony wood embellishes the face, while a black quartz wrist band gently adorns the wrist.

Casual- Want to Wow the world and still be comfortable? Throw on your favorite pair of denims, a comfortable T-shirt, and a black leather bomber, and you will totally Rock the Skyler with this outfit!

Formal- Don’t get stuck by the black, this watch is so classically dynamite looking, it would look stunning contrasting against either of the 1950’s style pin-up dresses. Both black and red would knock ‘em dead.

Professional- The Contrasting, shiny lapel of this premium tuxedo style blazer will offset the ebony and quartz and make a stunning combination sure to catch your co-worker’s attention.


The light red sandalwood face matches perfectly the sectioned rose quartz sandalwood band for an elegant, timepiece that can be ass feminine as you want when paired properly. 

Casual- Any delicate casual Rose-colored dress would be accentuated super cute, especially with a little splash of color to highlight the wrist area.

Formal – What a fantastic gift idea for your bridesmaids, and what a way to make your day even more special for them when you present them with the Áxios that matches their dresses in a timeless manner.

Professional- This delicious dark plum shade of this business suit is just deep enough to offset the light hues of this timeless treasure and really grab other's attention.


This rich, Deep, Indian, red sandalwood with a matching checkerboard style matching wristband is sure to stand out and set you apart from the rest of the pack, making you a real trendsetter. 

Casual – What a fantastic contrast any olive-green casual wear would make paired with this raw brilliant hue of Indian red. The two colors complement each other so well, they have been paired together throughout fashion history.

Formal- Any dress in the warm autumn, harvest color of burnt orange will be instantly highlighted with the splashy, hint of Red that matches this sultry festive color.

Professional – These retro colors of mid-century yellow and blue would match the color of this wooden gem and complete this funky, fashionable, businesswoman in charge's ensemble. These colors really make a great palette combination. 

Mozen- Balance

This final piece has a distinctive retro flair to its two-layered design. It has a jet, ebony backdrop topped with a lighter engrained finished topcoat. Stylish and sleek, it is easily paired across the board.

Casual- The casual idea in mind, was dark or black jeans with a yellow or orange, floral or Asian top to compliment the unique face and design of the Seventh watch design. While it will match anything casually, this idea really spoke to me.

Formal- The simple lines and creation of the watch seem to demand a similar formal gown. Something fairly plain but elegant with possibly a historical period to it; in which case, the watch will simply flow into the dress, and the two will become one.

Professional- While mustard yellow may sound like an odd color choice, when paired with black, with the right skin tone, it makes an outstanding power suit the shines confidence, power and balance; a positive triple asset in the business world and the watch displays the confidence you are already demonstrating.

Seventh Watches have been designed with the elements of human and earthly characteristics that people seek to possess in order to make them better to one another and to Mother Nature. Each one of these watches is a symbolic representation of the elements that all women are born with. Some of us, lose these elements on life's journey.

It is Seventh Watches desire to help every woman regain, reclaim, or strengthen these qualities found within each of us and exhibit them proudly. In creating their watches, they have done so in such a manner that these qualities can be displayed proudly no matter what the occasion. Therefore, each of us can proudly reveal our inner Strength, Virtue, Scholar, Honor, Action, and Balance

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