Wooden Watch: The Best Gift For Your Father

Wooden Watch: The Best Gift For Your Father

The third Sunday of June is the day we celebrate parenthood, dads and their important job in this world. It is important to celebrate it with a gift that means a lot to the person. This is why wooden watches are the perfect option; they are a revolution that will change the life of the owner and the way they relate to the world around them. Read on and understand all you need to know about wooden watches, the Seventh company and why they make the perfect gift for JuneĀ“s third Sunday.

Wooden Watches are eco-friendly

The manufacturing process of every piece of Seventh handicraft is eco-friendly. All the wood used in the creation of every individual piece comes from reliable sources. The process itself is also mostly manual, so there is no environmental impact from the artisans working on the pieces. If you think about it; it is like going back into a moment in which humankind was very connected and respectful with nature and other living beings in the world.

Also, the Seventh team works very hard to check every provider for every piece so you will not only get the best piece every time you buy a wooden watch but also get the most environmentally-oriented one.

If the person you are giving this gift to is not concerned with ecology, this might be the right way to light a spark on them.

Wooden watches are cost-effective

When you think about making an amazing gift, most of the times the first thing that comes to your head is that you will have to spend a lot of money. In this sense, wooden watches are the most cost-effective gift you can do because they are an amazing piece of hand-crafted luxury and they will not break your bank.

Seventh wooden watches are cost-effective in the sense that they come with an amazing presentation inside a wooden box, allowing you to save the money of a fancy wrapping. The seventh presentation is in fact enough for you to give the watch as a gift exactly as you receive it from the company.

Surprise your dad or whoever receives this gift with a unique piece at a price you can afford and use the best presentation; the Seventh wooden box to make it happen.

Wooden Watches are hand-made pieces

How long has it been since you bought something and it didnĀ“t say ā€œMade in Chinaā€ or any other mass-producing country of the world? Well, this is because there are not many affordable presents you can get for your dad that is not a piece of a mass-production and the same as everyone elseĀ“s.

The wooden watches that Seventh manufactures are hand-made pieces that are completely unique and made entirely by hand, one by one. This is a major difference that wonĀ“t break your bank but will really distinguish the person receiving the present from all other people in the same situation. For example, you could spend much more and get your dad a smartwatch, but what will separate him from the rest of the people in the office if you do?

Make his day unique by getting him a unique present.

Wooden Watches are the ultimate luxury

The meaning of luxury has changed a lot in the last couple of decades and a lot of it has to do with the way we humans see the world. In old times, it used to be considered luxurious to have a big piece made of solid gold hanging from your left wrist that was very heavy, costly and probably took sulfuric acid to separate from stone in a mine in somewhere in South America.

Nowadays, luxury is more about looking amazing while being very practical, light and minimizing environmental impact as much as possible. In this sense, Seventh wooden watches are the ultimate luxury. If you take a piece like the ThrƔsos for example, that is a square-shaped watch made of precious sandalwood, you can get a taste of what modern luxury is all about.

Wooden Watches are waterproof

Unlike what most people think, wooden watches can go underwater. In fact, if you think about it, being made of wood, they can be submerged just like you can put every other piece of wood through the water and comes out just as well as it went in. Besides this natural quality of wood, the work that the artisans do with every timepiece you buy is completely flawless.

All Seventh wooden watches that are submergible will come out of the water completely dry on the inside. Your dad will be able to go into the water with a unique wooden timepiece on his left wrist as much as he likes to.

Wooden Watches last for a lifetime

Wooden watches will last for as much as you want them to if you take proper care of them. This is because the wood is used for the construction is what you would call precious wood, like ebony. This kind of wood takes the marks of passing time and makes them beautiful scars that look amazing in it. For example, if you have a watch that is made of sandalwood, ebony or a mix of them, these types of wood will not only take the pass of time but will also become softer with time, caressing your skin every time they touch.

With a Seventh wooden watch, you can give your dad a present that will last a lifetime just like your relationship with him.

Conclusion: Make dads happy with a wooden watch

It can be your own dad or it can be a friend who became a dad or maybe a cousin or an uncle; the important is to honor them in their day giving them the most special gift. Besides all the aforementioned qualities, there is a surprise element that will make you're present even more valuable to them.

Give dads Seventh wooden watches and make them happy on their day.

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