Summer Style Just Got A Little Better: Complete Your Perfect Outfit With A Wooden Watch

Summer Style Just Got A Little Better: Complete Your Perfect Outfit With A Wooden Watch

No outfit is complete without the proper wrist piece. This summer, the trends have already shown their face and the people from Seventh wooden watches have a model to fit each and every style. Read on and find out how you can keep being the trendiest man on the pack and still don´t break your bank with a luxurious hand-made wooden timepiece.

Tailoring is back big time, match it with a Seventh Skylar

The style on this summer is to go deep into tailoring, or at least that is exactly what the biggest street brands in the market showed so far. You would have never expected Virgil Abloh, the self-proclaimed king of streetwear to dress models in suits, but he did (a couple at least).

The Skylar, on the other hand, is an ebony strap with a silver timepiece right in the middle. The texture is black with some violet and purple stripes that look as elegant as a watch strap can possibly be. There is no better match for a perfectly tailored suit in any style and color than a precious-wood watch like the Seventh Skylar.

Your short shorts look better with a Seventh Parrésia on your wrist

Short shorts are a thing this summer and unless you want to be the only odd-one-out in the beach, you have to have one too. There are some predominant colors that are very bright and only for those with a strong will; you can always go super short with a navy blue and stay trendy.

Which is the timepiece to go along with this trend? Well, the Seventh Parrésia is a wooden watch that is made of a plethora of different wood types mostly in red. It is a fun watch with lots of different wood tones and each unit is completely unique. Let your wooden watch shine while you surf all summer long in your favorite part of the world.

Sage goes with everything but it looks the best with a Seventh Kairos

Sage flooded the runways of the world like no other color this year. It is the color of the season without the shadow of a doubt. The question, though, is how to style it up and make it a little more sophisticated being it such a neutral color per se.

The Kairos is a timepiece by Seventh Watches that is made of precious Indian Sandalwood. This wood type is so precious that old Chinese dynasties used it to create the furniture for their palaces and homes. If something is going to take you from the ordinary, that is going to be a Kairos; wear it on your left wrist and take sage to the next level.

If you wear hiking sandals, wear them with a Seventh Mozen

Hiking sandals are not my favorite; I have to say it from the beginning. I have tried many of them many times in my life and I never feel they are right for me. That makes me an unlucky man because this summer everyone will have theirs except for me. In the runway, it was possible to see them in different colors, styles, and shapes.

The Mozen by Seventh watches is the ideal matching piece because it is made of zebrawood and ebony which give the timepiece a lot of dynamics in terms of colors and the way the light reflects on it. If you add to that the unique quality of every piece of wood, you get the perfect match for such dynamic footwear.

Handbags are the thing and look much better with a Seventh Thrásos

Handbags are luxurious accessories that can come in many styles and materials. They were spotted in arctic white, jet black, light blue and every other combination of colors and fabrics you can think of. So, you need a handbag for this summer or maybe even more.

What do you combine such a different kind of accessory with? Well, the answer is very simple: you combine it with another piece of uniqueness. This piece I´m talking about is the Thrásos by Seventh Watches. It is a precious dark sandalwood square timepiece that will leave everyone wondering where you got it from. This summer is bold and goes for this amazing combination.

Heavy stamping looks better with a Seventh Ethos

Heavy stamping is back for the season as the end of the 80s fashion that is slowly fading away from the runways. Heavy stamped shirts are attention catchers and will direct everybody´s eyes straight over your torso. The Ethos, on the other side, is a timepiece made by Seventh Watches out of zebra wood and with a beautiful black but a slightly shiny band that is sober and exotic enough to match the out-there feeling of that bold t-shirt.

Wrap-around tailoring is the thing and the new Seventh Exousía makes it better

Yes, the wrap-around tailoring we are speaking of is very close to what the Asian people wear in their finest moments. It might be broadband or a small one around your waist, but you have to wear one this summer. It might look a little odd if you think of it cold, but it was all over every runway we could see in the spring/summer preview.

Such an extravagant taste and trend should really be matched with a very trendy timepiece and such is the case of the new Exousía, Seventh Watches the latest release. It has a mix of white, black, zebrawood and some silver parts that are explosive and makes the perfect combination with an extravagant suit.


Dressing and accessorizing properly might split the world in two and leave those who do it on one side and those who don´t on the other. Watches are way more than just a good way to accessorize and can complete any outfit taking it to the next level. Buy a wooden watch and the trendy piece you like the most and excel at being trendy.

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