Watch It, Stylish!

Watch It, Stylish!

A stylish person stands out. A run-of-the-mill fashion follower does not. We present a great way of making a style statement through a simple accessory: a watch. Yes, something as simple as a wristwatch. But of a very special kind: wooden watches.

Man or woman, it doesn’t matter. Young or middle-aged or elderly, not a problem. We have something for everyone, and for every occasion.

Best Man at Best Friend’s Wedding


Are you? Best man at your best friend’s wedding next month? Are you all set to wear a new tuxedo? Give yourself a special gift for the occasion. You might just end up catching more eyes than the groom.

Sport the Skylar from Seventh. This classical number combining stainless steel with the timeless darkness of ebony wood will add an unparalleled touch of distinction to you.

Just in case you find this one too official-looking, there’s more on offer. Try Genesis, another incredibly gorgeous creation with ebony wood and stainless steel. To wear it is to exude class.

Maid of Honour at Your Sister’s Wedding

Of course, it is about the bride. But that does not mean that you will not dress up to kill, right? It does not matter which color you’ve decided to wear on your sister’s D-day. One of these wooden watches will add enviable elegance to the rest of your outfit. 

Try Azaz. This super refined model handcrafted from a mix of zebrawood, ebony, red sandalwood, koa and walnut wood has a band designed with infinite care for detail. The stark black dial emphasizes the delicacy of the wooden band. Together they make a statement of strength synergized with grace.

If you have a penchant for big dials, then you go for Mozen. Handcrafted from zebrawood and ebony, its big wooden dial with quartz movement will add a special zing to your wrist. Just the addition of this watch will make you look outstandingly different from all other bridesmaids of all times.

Picnic with Friends

So, there is this long weekend and you have all decided to go out for a day picnic. Old buddies getting together for some fun and frolic.

You’ll be meeting some of these friends after a while and you want to impress them with something or the other. Think no further.

Try Thrasos from Seventh. This handsome watch carefully crafted by hand from dark sandalwood will make everyone want to check it out for themselves. Its unique square face with unadulterated Japanese movement makes this one an amazing accessory to flaunt.

Is there a high school buddy you had a crush on? You’ve found out she is still single and wants to check out your prospects once more? Well, Thrasos has it what it needs to get her attention glued to you.

Just in case you want something even more statement-making, try Emeth. This handcrafted zebrawood watch with matte black stainless steel for a company may well impress your teenage crush to keep holding your hand. Just so she can steal a look at your fabulous watch now and then.

And Emeth will egg you on to speak out the truth about your depth of feelings for her.

Convocation Ceremony

It’s your child’s big day: convocation. Your little baby from yesteryears is a baby no more. A full-fledged graduate ready to take the degree in an academic gown and the Oxford cap. The convocation day is just around the corner and you’re both traveling to be there on this big day.

You’ll take a gift for sure. Make that gift an item that will be a timeless treasure for your child. Gift your child a wooden watch.

A daughter or a son, we suggest you get the unisex Exousia for your child. This handmade zebrawood and stainless steel watch will gift your child the sense of authority s/he now needs.

Graduation done, it will be the world of work and responsibilities. Exousia will infuse your child with the confidence and authority s/he needs to enter that world. This timekeeper will be a cherished possession that will make time stand still for her/him.

Wife’s Big Promotion

Your wife has just got this really big promotion at work. You must be wondering about a gift for her. Don’t think. Act. Buy Arete from Seventh. This bamboo watch carries the grace and resilience of this evergreen plant. The cork leather belt is a perfect match for the bamboo dial. This fabric made from the shavings of the cork oak tree is soft and durable.

Gift her this amazingly stylish watch in honour of the integrity that has taken her where she now stands tall. You will go back to a surprise candlelight dinner the next day, we believe.

Pampering Yourself

It’s just struck you that you’ve been so busy taking care of everything that you haven’t pampered yourself for a while. Go ahead – do that. You deserve it. Gift yourself a Parresia from Seventh. This exquisite unisex watch with a face made of zebrawood and ebony will blow everyone’s breath away. Happy customers say the watch is a conversation starter.

To complement the boldly beautiful face, there is a band made of mixed wood. It’s been handcrafted with such love and care that just the band is an ornament in itself. When you decide to pamper yourself, you deserve nothing but the best. Parresia is the best.

Be Extraordinary Everyday

No matter where you are and what you do, to be someone who is undoubtedly extraordinary is everyone’s dream. Seventh offers you the easiest way to live that dream. Just buy yourself a wooden watch. All you need to do is to flaunt that on your wrist. Watch yourself grabbing attention and be distinctive.

If you want to display the strength of your belief on your wrist, go for Ethos. This fascinating unisex zebrawood watch with a black leather band is just what you need to show the world how unhesitant you are about your beliefs.

If you would rather want to display how much a person of action you are, Kairos is there for you. This red sandalwood band with its stainless steel face is a stunning display of your resolve to act.

If it is honour that you choose to showcase, Axios will totally suit your purpose. The red sandalwood no-nonsense band is an accessory that will propagate your honour loud and clear to the whole world.

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