Woody Fragrance for Your Wrist

Woody Fragrance for Your Wrist

Attar. Do you know what that is? It is a natural fragrant oil that has been in use since much before synthetic perfumes came to the market. Attar consists of oils distilled from botanical sources worn as perfumes.

Attar has an association with Islamic traditions. The word attar has its roots in the Arabic word itr and the Persian word itir. Both mean perfumes. The Persian physicist Ibn Sina is believed to have first distilled attar from flowers.

Attar is concentrated oil. So only a little bit of it is necessary. The custom is to rub little droplets of attar directly on the wrists and behind the ears.

Sandalwood is one popular source of making attar. This wood retains its natural aroma for decades and is believed to have a calming effect on the nerves. Sandalwood attar is very popular, therefore.

The natural woody fragrance of sandalwood on your wrists can be one of the most soothing fragrances to wear. Sandalwood attar is one way of doing that. But, wouldnā€™t it be even better if you could wear the wood itself on your wrist?

Well, that is not impossible any longer with Seventh Watches bringing you watches made of sandalwood.

About Sandalwood

The naturally aromatic sandalwood comes from the tree genus known as Santalum. Sandalwood belongs to the same family as the mistletoe. The two most treasured varieties of sandalwood grow in India and in Australia. There are 13 other varieties of sandalwood that grows in different parts of the world.

All varieties of sandalwood are parasitic trees that need a host plant to thrive. Trees of the acacia species are the best hosts for sandalwood.

Australian sandalwood is a desert species that naturally grow in low rainfall areas. Indian sandalwood is a tropical tree. The primary use of both varieties is for oil extraction. The specialty of the Australian sandalwood is that the sapwood does not need to be removed before oil extraction. The Indian variety needs the sapwood to be removed first. Sapwood means the outer layers of the recently formed wood that lies between heartwood and the bark. Indian sandalwood is a threatened species.

Also known as white sandalwood, these two varieties have a natural fragrance strong enough to make a whole forest share that fragrance. It is a very durable form of aroma that can be retained for years. Both the Australian and Indian varieties of sandalwood have many medicinal qualities also.

One among the other 13 varieties is known as red sandalwood or red sanders. This, too, is an endangered species. Its natural habitat is in the southern parts of India. Its rich wood with a dark red colour also has medicinal qualities. But it has no fragrance.

The Rich History of Sandalwood

The aromatic sandalwood has been in use since ancient times and has strong ritualistic connections to a number of ancient religions. Beads made of sandalwood and incense sticks made with fragrant sandalwood dust have been in use in the ancient cultures of China, Egypt, India, the Middle East, and Tibet.

Idols and statues made of sandalwood have also been part of the ancient Hindu religious practices. The Buddhist beads of prayer are made of sandalwood. Egyptians used sandal paste to embalm their mummies. Practitioners of the Sufi tradition mark their graves with sandalwood paste. The belief behind these practices is that the aroma of sandalwood calms the mind and brings one closer to divinity.

There is an equally interesting history of using sandalwood and its essential oils for medicinal purposes. Sandalwood has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that have been in use for a very long time.

Modern Uses of SandalwoodĀ 

Sandalwood has long been an item of handicrafts in India. Handcrafted sandalwood statues and other items continue to constitute an important cottage industry in the southern states of India where both white and red sandalwood naturally grows.

Sandalwood oil is still used in medicines and perfumery today. Recent years have introduced a number of accessories made of sandalwood elements in style statements. From cufflinks and show buttons to earrings and other jewellery items have become quite popular across the globe.

Trendy Sandalwood WatchesĀ Ā 


Ā If a sandalwood bracelet is trendy, why not a sandalwood watch? So, there are watches made of beautiful red sandalwood to add that X factor to your personality and appearance. But sandalwood watches are far more than trendy. They are style statements in themselves.

A sandalwood watch on your wrist carries the rich history of the wood with it. You add the depth of history to your personality when you sport a sandalwood watch. A sandalwood watch on your wrist makes you instantly distinct from the rest of the crowd. Because, you make several statements through it.

A number of celebrities wear wooden watches to reflect that they are ecologically conscious residents of this planet who care for the future of Mother Earth. When you wear a sandalwood watch, you also reflect how eco-conscious you are.

You may be wondering how wearing a watch made of red sandalwood, an endangered tree species can reflect eco awareness. Well, because this watch faces, and bands are mostly made from leftover wood from other larger items. It prevents the wastage of this valuable natural resource.

Also, legal traders in red sanders are committed to sustainability. Most of the plant one tree against every tree felled. You make yourself part of that movement when you wear one of these watches.

If you wear a red sandalwood watch from Seventh, you make a totally different statement also. That has little to do with sandalwood and watches. But it has everything to do with every human individualā€™s right to a life with dignity and equal opportunities.

Seventh donates 10% of its revenues for those amongst us who do not have access to the same privileges. Like survivors of human trafficking and children growing up in hunger and poverty. When you buy a sandalwood watch from Seventh, you make your own contribution to creating stories of real change in their lives.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the exquisite unisex sandalwood watches we present, handcrafted with love and care. You will surely fall in love with them. Just in case you donā€™t like the colour of red sanders. there are equally beautiful watches made of other wood too.

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