Why Wooden Watches Outperform Regular Watches

Why Wooden Watches Outperform Regular Watches

This is a question that most people who acquire these kinds of timepieces often address. Why should I get a wooden watch when the range of plastic and steel watches is so huge? Well, the answer to that question is rather complex. There are many aspects to consider when comparing one timepiece with another. Such is the case of the wooden watch revolution like the one launched by Seventh watches some time ago. Read on and find out why you should jump onto this bandwagon before it´s too late.

Metal watches are heavy

Regardless of the brand and the composition, metal watches are heavy on the wrist. You might be thinking that they are heavy items because of their size, and you can pick up the smaller ones if you want a lighter one. But truth be told, the majority of the watch-wearing men in the world do not select the smaller models. The more expensive and luxurious your watch is, the heavier it gets. This is the first advantage of wooden watches: They are much lighter than metal watches, regardless of their size. Metal will always be heavier than wood and cause more discomfort to the wearer.

Heavy on the pocket

Metal watches are also higher in price because they pass on many production costs straight to the consumer. The resources for metal watches are not infinite, and extraction methods can be quite expensive. Some brands even buy their raw materials from other countries and have to ship them from one continent to another. This cost a lot of money and thus timepieces that are not even luxurious can still have a high price due to the production costs. The wood used to make wooden watches by brands like Seventh is much cheaper than any material that has to be dragged out of the guts of Earth. Moreover, the production process does not involve any high-temperatures or heavy machinery to be utilized, but rather, they are created at the hands of expert artisans.

Rubber watches are not elegant (and contaminating)

Rubber watches are associated with heavy physical training or little children. If you ask any watch-lover in the world (like yourself), you will know that most of them have an every-day metal watch to go to the office and such, a fancy watch for going out, and then a rubber one to hit the gym. These kinds of watches are not exactly what one would call compelling from an aesthetic point of view. But they usually pack a plethora of features that people enjoy using. Some of them even have some smart capabilities and fitness apps. The thing about rubber watches is that the material from which they are made is hugely contaminating for the environment and once they lose their usefulness (if they no longer work or you just fancy changing them), the rubber will take up to 50 years to decompose naturally. If it is a mix of rubber and plastic (as they generally are), then it can take up to 450 years to decompose under regular conditions. This means that five generations of your family will go by before that watch you fancied and bought has finally decomposed.

Wooden watches are treated to be resistant to sweat and are also very light and durable. Imagine just wearing your everyday watch to work and then to the gym without worrying about durability, materials, and weight. Wooden watches are the best all-occasion watch in the world and since they are eco-friendly, they won´t cause any major environmental damage for their production.

Regular watches are a very common accessory

While it is true that wearing a watch nowadays is not as common as it used to be, it is also true that regular watches (metal and rubber) are the most common types. This might be a con or a pro depending on your taste. Do you like being the low-profile kind of person that walks into a room and nobody notices, or would you rather be the one attracting all interested gazes? For those who enjoy drawing attention to their persona simply with their presence, they would have to pay a sizeable price for a regular timepiece that was outstanding enough to attract that level of attention. The market value of such a watch could very well pass the four-digit mark.

On the other hand, wooden watches are just as innovative and distinct as they are trendy. Walking into a room and sitting with your watch on your left wrist in a position where everybody can see it will surely draw a great deal of attention. There are a couple of reasons for this, but the first and most important one is that they are a novelty and most people haven´t seen one before. Moreover, there are some models by brands like Seventh that are square-shaped and look absolutely amazing with the right outfit. The cost of such a timepiece would be well under $500, which is nothing compared to a regular watch of the same class and caliber.

Wooden watches stand for a cause

Wearing a wooden watch means that you care for things beyond yourself. While you may wear one because they are beautiful, light, and accessible, it also means that you care about the environment. Beaches, oceans, and countless acres of land are currently being flooded with plastic, rubber, and metal waste, contaminating the planet. If you happen to meet up with a friend or a colleague who is wearing a rubber or plastic watch, you can well appreciate that they are carrying 450 years of contamination right there. Make the change, let your wrist shout out that you care more about the planet than they do because the timepiece you are wearing is 100% biodegradable and constructed with eco-wood, planted exclusively for that specific purpose. Wooden watches stand for a cause, for a better world, and by wearing one and spreading the word throughout your friends, you will be an ambassador to the cause and attract more people into the wooden revolution.

Wooden watches are stylish and trendy

This is exactly how we define wooden watches as they take their place in supporting the revolution. The importance of style and trend when selecting an accessory should never be overlooked. In fact, anyone who wears a watch nowadays does it because they want to. Everyone has a phone and all phones can tell you what the time is. The truth is that most people try to enhance the way they look by adding some classy accessory to their wardrobe.

More stylish

Wooden watches are more stylish because they are the perfect addition to an already killer look. You will not find wooden watches in fluorescent colors, or in extremely large sizes, or with a heavy and shiny finish. They are rather stylish, sober, and elegant. The choice of wood is truly a game changer in terms of class. Think for example of the dark color of ebony, the little grains in the wood, along with the purple striping. It almost looks as if it was made of black marble, but not at all heavy, of course. Perhaps combining ebony´s dark wood with something a little lighter like maple or sandalwood to provide some amazing contrasts can combine perfectly with your attire. As long as the colors and the materials are carefully selected, combined, and treated, your wooden watch will undoubtedly be the perfect addition to any and all outfits.

More Trendy

Trendiness is not something that happens overnight; it takes a little time to filter new products into the hearts and minds of people before they consider it a classic. That is the case with wooden watches at the present time. You are increasingly seeing more and more of them on the streets, which is a sign that more people are being turned on by them and deciding to try them out.


There are many aspects in which wooden watches outperform regular ones and, depending on how much you care about the environment, wood can be considered as the only viable material for manufacturing watches in the long-term.

Companies like Seventh are refining their manufacturing techniques and coming up with better models all the time, taking over a segment of the market that was once owned by the biggest brands in the world. The fact that you can now buy different models of wooden watches to suit various different occasions and also that you can choose from a range of woods and shapes is a decisive indicator that the world is turning in favor of wooden watches.

If you haven´t tried one yet, you can start by visiting Seventh watches and deciding on the model that sparks your interest the most. The prices are highly accessible so there is absolutely no excuse to not try one out today.

The revolution has started, and it is time to choose which side you are on. Just bear in mind that the wooden watch revolution is exactly what the world needs in order to survive through the 21st Century. Join the revolution and look amazing while you’re at it.

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