Why You Should Start Wearing a Watch (preferably a wooden one)

Why You Should Start Wearing a Watch (preferably a wooden one)

It is common knowledge that watches have gone from the necessary to the optional category a long time ago. But then again, this depends on the kinds of person you are. Those who wear watches today do it either for taste, status, or both. Are you someone who has gone back to sporting a timepiece as a daily habit or are you a timepieces-detractor? Wearing a watch has a lot to do with the kind of person you are. Keep reading to know why you should start wearing a watch, regardless of which group you belong to.

Cut your Cellphone Dependence

How many times did it happen that you pulled out your cellphone from your pocket to check what time it is and then found yourself several minutes later checking on messages, emails, and social media standing on the sidewalk? Checking the time with your phone is not at all the best option since it can be a huge distractor. While a smartphone is a great tool to have, any tool should be kept under some limitation and wearing a watch is the best way to do it.

Quit your social media addiction

According to studies held worldwide, social media addiction can very well be compared to addictions such as gambling. There are places in some countries where people go for a digital detox and stay away from all digital apparatus. While that may be a bit extreme, having a watch on your wrist can help you to not look at your phoneĀ“s screen. This is a big step in quitting your social media addiction and also helps fights what is commonly known as FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

Save time

Having a watch on your wrist saves time because checking what time it requires no additional effort other than lifting your arm and looking at your watch for a second. For example, being a cyclist or a runner and not wearing a watch might involve stopping your exercise, commute, or any other activity to take out your cellphone from your pocket or backpack. Wear a watch and save precious time.

Be safer

Taking your phone out in not-so-secure areas can expose you to muggers. If you have a watch on your wrist, the action of seeing the time is way faster and more discrete than taking out your phone, unlocking it and even answer a message or two right there on the spot. Especially for those who like walking at night, wearing a watch instead of pulling out your phone might mean to spare a horrible moment, to say the least. Wear a watch and be safer.

Style up All Your Outfits

From the times that men used them in the pocket of their vests to the modern era of smart and sharp timepieces, men and women have worn watches to enhance their presence and stylistic appearance. Nowadays, and although fashion has changed drastically, watches are still a symptom of good taste and status. If you pick it carefully and make it work with whatever you are wearing at the moment, you will take your outfit to the next level. For example, if you think of the great characters in the movies playing refined, good-taste people, they are always wearing a great watch to express their personality. This can be your case too, but make sure to choose the right one that defines who you are.

Be Trendier

Picking your watch carefully can make you a trendier person than not wearing one at all. No perfect outfit is ever complete without the proper accessories to go with it. Even if you are wearing jewelry or other accessories, the right watch can complement your entire get up. The same thing applies to those who attend to a formal event or even a random night out, you will make much more of an impression with a watch on your wrist than without it. Wear a watch and be trendier than you are today.

Why a Wooden Watch?

Wooden watches are the absolute best choice for those in the search for their next watch. They have many qualities that make them stand out from the rest of the watches available today. There are many brands like Seventh watches that have been creating amazing timepieces with different woods and for different tastes with great results.

Wooden Watches wonĀ“t break your bank

The price of the wooden watches is way below the price of most regular timepieces. For example, you can buy a Seventh Ethos, which is an amazing watch with Chronograph, Stop Watch, Rattrapante and that looks great for under $250. Even if you choose one of the high-end models, none of them reach the $500 mark, which is quite cheap for watches that carry such elegance and class.

Wooden Watches are Eco-Friendly

How can a wooden item be eco-friendly? Well, the pieces by Seventh watches and many other companies come from trees that were planted to extract the wood from them to only manufacture different goods. This means that the manufacturers are not destroying any 1000-year-old forest to obtain the raw material. These watches are biodegradable and eco-friendly since the extraction procedure and manufacturing process are 100% natural.

Wooden Watches are Really Trendy

With as many options to choose from, you can wear a wooden watch by Seventh with any outfit, as an everyday asset or as a fine piece for a fancy night out. No other watch in its price range comes even close to being as special and good-looking as wooden watches are.


Wearing a watch is a distinctive sign of who you are and what you like. You shouldnĀ“t miss the chance to make such a statement about yourself. Besides, it is helpful in many ways like cutting your cellphone addiction and being safer. Wearing a wooden watch is even better because it makes a louder statement about yourself, also because it wonĀ“t break your bank and you would be doing something to help our environment. Buy a wooden watch today.

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