Wood is the ultimate noble material – This is why you should be wearing it on your wrist

Wood is the ultimate noble material – This is why you should be wearing it on your wrist

Wood is one of the most precious raw materials in the world today. There are many reasons for this including the fact that it is a great source of energy as well as a climate and ecosystem regulator. It is also a very strong and durable resource which makes it suitable for building a range of products including housing and furniture. Finally, it is one of the most important natural resources left on Earth from an ecological and economic point of view. Seventh is a company that has decided to utilize this great, noble material for handcrafting their most beautiful, luxurious timepieces. Read on and find out all you need to know about this noble material and why wearing it is good for you.

Wood demand in the world

The demand for timber is still growing across the globe. Some experts claim that its rate of growth is at a similar pace to the world´s population. This suggests that the long-term prospect for the supply and demand for wood is going to be huge.

Between the years 1994 and 2010, the demand for tropical hardwoods saw a 25% increase. This is an important factor and is reasonably closely aligned to the world population expansion, which went from six billion in 1999 to seven billion in 2011.

In response to this level of demand from all wood-related industries, and in order to preserve the native forests and to avoid the prices rocketing, most companies who base their production on precious woods that are increasingly scarce, are involved in sustainable planting for sourcing. This is undoubtedly an ecological shining light for other companies working with precious non-renewable materials like minerals, metals and precious stones.

It is also exemplary of the Seventh wooden watch company that it has rescued two of the most important manufacturing processes forgotten by humankind: The responsible use of raw materials (sustainable wood), and the quality handcrafting of intricate and specialized goods. This combination of factors makes the luxurious timepieces by Seventh even more significant and admirable in these times of disposability and mass-production.

Wood, the ultimate noble material

Less than eight thousand years ago, the Earth was covered with huge, lush forests which humankind began harvesting to develop the various civilizations we know today. In fact, wood along with stone is one of the oldest building materials used by man. There are many examples to be seen of wooden structures that have been standing for thousands of years.

Wood´s qualities

To try and identify all of the qualities of wood would be to embark on a never-ending human journey to discovery. We have been using it for 8 millennia, yet we still find more qualities in this noble material. Let´s take a look at some them.

Wood is all-natural

In contrast to other types of materials, wood comes from an all-natural source. In most cases, there are no other elements involved in the growth and use of wood to construct or craft different wooden products. From the seed planted in the ground, to the wood product you caress in your hands, the process is all natural. This is one of the prime qualities of wearing a Seventh watch on your wrist every day; it is a direct connection with nature.

Wood is a light material

The specific weight of wood per square inch is much lower when compared with other crafting materials, like most metals. This makes it much more comfortable to wear close to your skin. Long-gone are the days when large metal timepieces are worn and displayed proudly as a status statement. Now is the time for low-weight, ecologically-friendly timepieces to secure their niche in the modern world.

Wood is all organic

Wood is an all-organic material. From the beginning of the production process to finally finding its way onto your wrist, there are no non-organic elements involved. The importance of the organic nature of this element is that it doesn’t generate any adverse reactions to the skin of the person wearing it. This is yet another great quality of Seventh watches.

Wood is traditional

Wood has been used as a building and construction material for thousands of years. This tradition combined with modern production techniques creates transformative wooden products that benefit from the best of both worlds. For example, Seventh watches are not only perfectly created modern timepieces, they are both luxurious and reliable.

 Wood is beautiful

Wood timepieces are created from precious woods that are some of the most beautiful materials in the world. For example, the small grain and beautiful marble-like black color of ebony; or the lustrous sandalwood that was once an empire-only wood used to manufacture the royal furniture; or the rich, stately oak, or walnut, and so the list go on. Even Seventh timepieces that utilize more common woods like bamboo are still beautiful to behold.

Wood is unique

Each piece of wood is as unique as each tree. Remember that wood comes from a living element of nature and just like human beings, there are no trees that are exactly the same. Each timepiece manufactured by Seventh creates a unique piece from the combination of natural raw materials and the handcrafting techniques of a highly-skilled artisan. This uniqueness, in a world in which mass-produced items flood the windows of all shops, is a great treasure.

Conclusion – Get the ultimate noble material - get a wooden watch

Having a noble material close to your skin is crucial to feeling the connection between nature and your own body. When something is so close to us and we wear it so often (on a daily basis most likely), we have to make a very careful decision. Selecting such a noble material as wood is the best option for a long-term healthy relationship with your watch. Buy a wooden timepiece by Seventh and keep nature as close to your skin as possible, all day, every day.

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