Wooden Watches for Every Mood

Wooden Watches for Every Mood

There are few things in life that suits every mood. At Seventh, we believe our wooden watches are one of those few things. It is what our customers have helped us learn through their enthusiastic reviews and recommendations. This post is to share some of those rare, beautiful moments in life when a wooden watch is just the special accessory you need. It is also about those everyday moments in life that we endure as necessary evils. A wooden watch is what helps you add a touch of sparkle to those dreary moments.

Walk in the Woods

You’re in the mood for a stroll in the woods. Go ahead and do it. Life is too short not to enjoy things one is in the mood for now and then. Pack a hamper with sandwiches and other easy to carry food. Fill up a bottle of water or more, if it’s a sunny day. Pull up your jeans and a suitable top or shirt or t-shirt or sweater depending on the weather. Put on your comfortable walking shoes. You are ready …

Almost, but not quite. You’ll need to watch the time. You don’t really want to stretch your walk too long to suddenly discover yourself in the middle of the woods with the sun already about to set. So strap on your watch. Which better watch to wear other than a wooden watch for a walk in the woods?

For all you know, you may experience the magic of how the ebony, zebrawood and other varieties of wood in your magnificent watch come alive in the company of so many other trees in the wood. This walk in the woods with this timeless timekeeper strapped on your wrist could germinate the seeds of a novel in your head about wooden bits coming alive in the vibrancy of a beautiful forest.

Oh No, It’s Monday Again!

We all go through that feeling sometimes. No matter how much you love your work, there are some Mondays when one just doesn’t feel like getting ready for office. It often happens after a long, relaxed weekend or a vacation. The thought of getting back into the humdrumness of everyday life seems singularly uninviting.

The balance of the dark ebony and the gracefully striped zebrawood is just what you need on such days. As you put on this spectacular wooden watch made with a mix of zebrawood and ebony wood, you’ll feel the ennui slip out of you. The spring will be back in your steps and you’ll be as ready for work as every other day. You will think of office and work with the same commitment that you normally do.

Meeting a Long Lost Friend

It has now become possible to search out dear friends with whom one has lost touch over time owing to whatever reason. That is one of the great advantages of the IT era with its array of social platforms.

Just think of a situation like this: You were the best of buddies since kindergarten through middle school. Then you shifted with your family to another location. Both of you were heartbroken, but harsh realities of life do not yield to broken teenage hearts.

Emails and Facebook chats continued for some time. WhatsApp hadn’t yet made its appearance back then. In the beginning, you were chatting several times every day. Then the frequency dwindled, as it always does. New school, new friends, new challenges and dreams take over. Gradually you lost touch.

These many years later, you have an invitation from your old school to join the Golden Jubilee Reunion. You’ve decided to go. But you must get back in touch with your childhood friend. All the moments of shared affection and camaraderie have come flooding back to you.

And, with Lady Luck smiling, you’ve been able to trace your buddy and reestablish contact. As it happens, your friend is in your city right now for an office trip. You’re going to meet up over coffee this evening after work.

What a stupendous moment! True, childhood buddies can take it up exactly where they had left it even after years of not being in touch. But that doesn’t mean you won’t dress special for the occasion.

Dress as you please, but do not forget your amazing handcrafted wooden watch. The indelible signature of sandalwood on your wrist will immediately tell your friend that you are still the very special person that you always were.

You never know, it just could be your buddy also would sport a handcrafted red sandalwood watch and the two of you would burst out laughing looking at each other’s wrists. The bonding of those childhood and early teen years would bounce right back into your lives with this renewed sign of shared taste.

Must Attend Boring Party

It happens. No matter how much of a party lover you are, or maybe not, some parties can be unimaginably boring. Very often because of the complete lack of imagination and sense of humor of the hosts. Once you’ve attended one of them, you know how the rest would be like.

Unfortunately, it is quite possible that such parties get hosted by someone you simply cannot ignore. You just have to be there. Tough luck, but that’s life!

Spice up your mood with this exquisite zebrawood and black stainless-steel watch. You’ll immediately feel better. No matter what you decide to wear, this versatile handcrafted piece matches with just about anything and adds an unmissable touch of distinction to one who wears it.

It could well be that this elegant wooden watch on your wrist would change the flavor of the party. People would ask questions and you have the option of leading that discussion to a direction of your choice.

It could be about the nearly lost art of handcrafted watches. It could be about the versatility of zebrawood. It could also be about the message of eco consciousness that wooden watches convey. Your amazingly beautiful watch could transform a boring party into one of the vibrantly interesting conversations.

As we said, wooden watches handcrafted with love and care are for every kind of mood!  

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