You don´t need to break the bank to be cool, join the wooden watches revolution!

You don´t need to break the bank to be cool, join the wooden watches revolution!

The world of high fashion and the definition of the word cool have always had a huge impact on markets and being trendy is many times a synonym for being wealthy too. The increasing turning of the world towards being more eco-friendly and also more economically conscious has led to a whole new paradigm when it comes to these two terms. A great example of how times have changed is the wooden-watches revolution and how they affected the market in so many ways. Read on as we unveil which is the brand and the models you should be looking at and how to be trendy without that many zeros in your bank account.

The wooden watches revolution

The wooden watches revolution started some years ago because of many reasons. The world as we know it needed a change in order to still be alive in decades to come. Mega mining projects to continue to extract precious minerals such as silver and gold are no longer viable in a world that suffers from them. Also, the polluting and costly processes of molding this material into a watch are now an obsolete mindset that humankind is trying to outgrow.

The definition of luxury is more eco-friendly now and the old items from the distant and recent past are not living up to those standards. In this complex moment, wooden watches have come to save the day. They are made of totally natural and bio-degradable or reusable materials and also have a very low environmental impact during its manufacturing process. In fact, some brands even hand-make their timepieces employing crafty artisans and keeping a tradition alive while making everlasting pieces.

Why now?

The wooden watches revolution didn´t just come out of the blue, it is the result of a process in which the world population is aiming to keep features and luxury while being more environmentally conscious. Also, the information availability of the 21st century made a huge difference between what information people could get access to. for example, for small brands in the pre-internet era, it was almost impossible to launch an international endeavor promoting a product that was going against the interests of the biggest retailers in the globe; there was always a middleman making that decision. The Internet has swept away all the barriers regarding information and opened the eyes of consumers to new ways of consuming.

Because of this added exposure through the internet and helped by social media and environmentally conscious groups of people, the wooden watches revolution found the perfect timing and spot to start.

Now, this is the reason why it started, but the reason why it got so far is that the products being advertised and sold are really luxurious timepieces that have nothing to envy the metal pairs that cost many times as much and are much more expensive to build. In this current panorama, wooden watches are not only the most environmentally friendly choice but also the most pocket-friendly too. Let´s take a look at the brands and models you should be looking at.

The wooden watches brand you should be looking at

The main wooden watches brand you should be looking at is Seventh Watches. They have an extensive catalog for men and women that offer a watch for every situation of life. They manufacture hand-built timepieces from woods as varied as bamboo and sandalwood or ebony and the results are equally astonishing on both. Besides offering high-quality luxurious watches, seventh is a brand that has a social compromise to the Planet donating 10% out of their global earnings to a worthy cause around the world. This means that by turning to Seventh watches to buy a wooden one you are helping the world be a better place from an environmental point of view but also from a social one.

Finally, the cost of some of their most luxurious models will not get past the $400; you can even get a watch with precious ebony for less than $250.

The models

Here are the models by Seventh you should be looking at and looking great with.


This watch is super lightweight and minimalistic. It is made of precious red sandalwood with a buckle clasp and a stainless-steel timepiece. This is the ideal timepiece for those who want to wear luxury without standing out too much. $250


Zebrawood meets matte black stainless steel to make this amazing watch. This is a bracelet clasp watch that is fully equipped with a chronograph and looks absolutely amazing on any wrist. This is the ideal timepiece to wear every day and let your skin feel that natural difference of lustered wood. $250


This watch mixes bamboo and cork to make the ultimate eco-friendly and beautiful timepiece. From its hand-made conception, the Arete is an everyday watch to make a difference everywhere you go. $180


This double-push clasp women´s watch is an undeniable masterpiece made with all the woods Seventh Watches use for all its other models. With a jet-black ebony center and a band made with sandalwood, zebrawood, koa, walnut, and ebony, this is the perfect watch to wear colorful clothes and enjoy the summer at its best. $199


This is one of the most elegant creations of Seventh Watches with a band that is completely made of red sandalwood and minimalistic silver brushed metal timepiece in the middle. Sandalwood is one of the world´s most precious woods and its value is comparable to gold. This is the ideal watch to wear to a big event or a fancy reunion along with the Genesis, its ebony dark twin. $200


This square-shaped masterpiece made of dark sandalwood is perhaps the most luxurious of all Seventh Watches models; wear it to make a difference. $500


None of these watches are close to the price an equally luxurious metal-model would cost and are way more trendy for today´s world. Embrace the wooden watch revolution and make this world a better place at the same time with Seventh Watches.

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